KENTUCKY RACCOON *Catch Clean CATFISH {Catch Clean Cook}Tasty 1 week ago   10:50

Kendall Gray
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Unoriginal Raccoon Obby
Completely random, but I really love this channel
I’ve new to it, but I still really enjoy these videos

Also side note, I’m from Kentucky!
Anyone else?
POZZ Gamer
keep up the good work! :)
Desert Storm
please put the uncut video on social media.
Justin Waggener
You monster
Katrina Kinnear
I would believe you
Quackman Lundström
Why do the animal look so sad
Alana Lowe
I I have watch Narnia
seth n
When u can’t catch a deer u need to catch things with traps
Luis Herrera
Who had been here sence 1k subs
the chawini
"This guy is stiff as a rock" XD
Mikey Brown
Bro he liget walked the same distance😂
Nick Kesteloot
Nice channel man!! Good ol redneck
You dont have food ?? Why eat raccoon ??
TS_Obtain !
Bro you better watch out when you clean animals you getting close with that knife to you but great video keep it up
Todd Orisno
that raccoon was up in the camera it was so cute
Mackadoo Smith
Rip Rachel :X
General Grievous
Pigeon catch and cook
Gage Taylor
Do a coyote catch and cook
rippin lips TV
Next time (no hate) BBQ the ribs because in my opinion the ribs are the best part
Weston Lee
Do a opossum catch and cook
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CATFISH {Catch Clean Cook}Tasty KENTUCKY RACCOON *Catch Clean 1 week ago   14:49

Catfishing is as American as Apple Pie.
The Knife I was using...
The Grill I was using-
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I use Silver Stag knives: