Why Brexit's Loudest Opponent Won't Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your 2 days ago   04:02

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As the U.K. negotiates its departure from the EU, one voice has been more vocal than many - Steve Bray has spent the last two years screaming “Stop Brexit” through a megaphone at the U.K.’s Houses of Parliament.

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Snowy Owel
He as gone from a park bench to a £3000, a week apartment by parliment wonder who is funding this Undemocratic man . .🤔
Amanda Hughes
Soros funded traitor
Mos Samii
He should be locked up for disturbing the peace. It's called noise pollution.
Vsvhaha hbsbabkaksb
Suck a nut a die WSJ
Orange Pekoe Of St. Gloriana College
The Nazi khaki shirts and Mussolini's blackshirts would use this kind of tactic, drowning out debates and discussions by yelling over them. This puts fear and intimidation in the people they're trying to silence leading to them not speaking out since their voice will be drowned out. Facist governments used that tactic which is no wonder why people call him a facist.
Edward Chang
Statist Steve
Simon John
Steve's a very sad Loser. He needs to get another paid job and go back to Port Talbot. Oh and we leave the EU on 31st October 2019.
Brexshit is an act of treason
Born Blazed
there will be food riots. prepare everyone!
Daz phillipson
Idiot you can't stop what the people voted for, you or the traitors inside the house of conmens
Sandra Winterton
Mental health services for this idiot!
Simon Tide
I bet he will lost his job when Brexit happen & when BBC stop paying him.
paul Bridge
Stop Brexit Man, or send me the money man….  has asked members of the public to provide him with more.. £12,000 to fund his lavish pad for two months.
A Anijs
@Grahame Willmott : You wrote : "How sad this man [Steve] cannot accept that the majority of British people voted to leave.". And you should add then "How sad British people cannot accept that the majority of Scottish people and Northern Irish people voted to remain". EU has already accepted (a long time ago) that UK leaves but UK doesn't want Scotland and Northern Ireland to leave UK ... UK isn't very democratic.
Frank Stein
The Little and Large, Morecambe and Unwise, Alas Smith and Jones daily farce of the little English people and their delusions.
Real reality television, where you see the ordinary Brit voter is thicker than the average Geordie Shore cast member.
Keep up the good work.
The world always needs a laugh.
Beetlejuice 01
Soros pays for Steves Beer.
A real Gentle(man) always exceedingly polite to anyone he talks to, friend or foe; he is without doubt an exceedingly positive influence on fighting this stupidity called BREXIT! Chapeau Stev I not only doff my cap but salute you Sir!
Best Korea
As a American I think

UK should us as 51st state...
phillip ward
This man is being paid to defeat democracy in the UK. But who by ???
He thinks hes a super hero. Now that's delusion carried to a higher level...
Perhaps hes involved in some form of trial for mental health medication.. if he is?? It ain't working.
Mark Gable
So he doesn't believe in democracy then.
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Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Why Brexit's Loudest Opponent Won't 2 days ago   03:23

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