Stephen Curry's AMAZING & CRAZIEST Best 50 Three Pointers: 2018 8 months ago   14:32

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Check out the best 3 pointers by Stephen Curry made in his career!
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This guy is the GOAT shooter if anyone thinks otherwise theyre just haters. Show me footage of Ray Allen or Reggie Miller shooting 40 foot bombs off the dribble...yeah there arent any
Al Se
Opponent team: desperately trying to stop Steph with all the defenses got involved

Curry: fucks given count: 0.00
Austin Hamilton
way too many no calls!!!
Austin Hamilton
at 1:19 "that's a terrible shot" shut up dude lmao, when it's curry it's not a bad shot
Humbert Coloso
who likes stephen curry like this comment
Gian Louis
1:46 When you're not the father. How is this not a meme?
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Best 50 Three Pointers: 2018 Stephen Curry's AMAZING & CRAZIEST 8 months ago   12:43

Check out the best 50 three pointers from clutch shots to long distance shots from the 2018 NBA Season!

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