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Oklahoma City Thunder Exploring Russell Westbrook Trades! Danny Green Signs with Los Angeles Lakers
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Matt Scarey
But Westbrook changed his game around when pg got their. Westbrook is phenomenal at playing ball. He can create so much space on the floor with his handles. But people always dog him for other players leaving.
Matt Scarey
At 5:30 in the video Westbrook shook the hell out of Dame Lillard
billy oxales
Fake news
jesus manresa
I have a question before PG got to OKC has he ever been up for MVP ? No playing with Russ made him better hate when they say oh its Russ fault . I think its OKC fault they are a small market team and signing players to huge contracts.
Underrated 77
Westbrook should go to the Lakers. He's from L.A. It only makes sense. Green was a good pick up even though i still haven't heard nothing on this. LOL. Good championship experience
Hanging with B Love
Westbook should go to the pistions and help blake Griffin
Your Brother
Lil Rick Fox UNC Love 💙
Marquice Rowan
Kuzma bout to get traded for westbrook
Marcus Ortis
At 5:31 Russ dropped Damian
Aye It ajeezay
Brook is just doing what coach donavan is telling him to do
Sirr Jazz
Westbrook & James on the same team for 82 games???

It will NEVER WORK!!!
Aqua Baller
Russel to warriors great big 3 once again replaced kd😝😘😘😘
Ethan Onabigon
I think west will win if another coach and trainer took care of him
Don Boch
Marcus Cousins needs stay in Golden State Warriors. He fits in there perfectly.
Michael Mayers
Watch OKC trade wb and it win
Michael Mayers
Hopefully he not inocosistant
John Oxenham
Hope Russ goes to the Lakers honestly WHATEVER the Westbrook haters say THAT IS A GUARANTEED championship team LBJ, AD and Russ GAME OVER RED ROVER my guess is LAL give up Kuz and a 1st round pick. Russ and LBJ are tight so it's not up to Mgmt it's up to LBJ and to a certain point AD as well.
There going to trade Westbrook to the women basketball league bhahahahaha maybe he will stop whinny
Lito acoba
No championship for lakers even you have kd and lbj
Volta Fazio
Man they should rescinf and use the cap space and trade Kuzma for westbrook
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