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Jay-Z owns an apartment in what is regarded as the most luxurious apartment building of the world, the Trump World Towers in New York. This $ 65,000 per month apartment is the new home of the multi-preneur and his equally talented wife Beyonce Knowles.

Location: The luxury pad of hip-hop mogul is located in property tycoon Donald Trump's outrageous apartment complex, Trump World Tower. One of the tallest residential buildings in world, the Tower sits at 845 United Nations Plaza in ultra-posh Manhattan, New York.

Accommodation: Jay Z's 14 room home has five bedrooms, equal number of bathrooms and a gourmet kitchen. It also has a personal library and a separate maid/'s quarters. The home offers breathtaking views of the city.

Neighbourhood: The Trump Tower has been the favourite haunt of numerous celebrities and influential personalities. Apart from the real estate stalwart Donald Trump who himself has a palatial house in the building, Jay-Z has baseball star Derek Jeter ,Masahiro Tanaka,Mai Satoda,Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis for his neighbour.

Derek Jeter has put a $2 million discount on his luxe Midtown bachelor pad. The New York Post reports the price on Jeter's 88th floor penthouse atop the Trump Towers at UN Plaza is now $17.95 million, down from the $20 million he posted back in 2010. Jeter bought the apartment directly from Donald Trump for $12.72 million in 2001.

The 5,425 square-foot 88th floor penthouse "has 4 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, chef's eat in kitchen, dining room, media/den and living room, with a fireplace," according to the original listing, and features a 360 degree view of Manhattan with views of "the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, and all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean."

The Post drools:

The ladies' man's lair has ultra-suede wallpaper covering the 16-foot-high walls. There's a pool table, a poker table that seats eight, a dining-room table with room for 14, and even an old-school bar tabletop Pac-Man game.
Jeter's downsizing to a smaller Manhattan apartment after splitting with longtime girlfriend Minka Kelly. He also recently completed construction on his $7.7 million waterfront mansion in Tampa, Florida.

Check out this movie for a glimpse inside the house of Jeter. It's truly an amazing place. Too bad the view sucks...

ヤンキーズのデレク・ジーターが長年暮らしていることで知られていたのが、国連に程近いトランプ・ワールド・タワーのペントハウス。ここは、松井選手がヤンキーズでプレーをしていた時期に暮らしていたビルとしても知られるけれど、 ジーターのペントハウスは、彼が次々と替わるデート相手の女性を何人も連れてきたことでも知られる場所。
巨大なウィンドウに囲まれ、エンパイア・ステート・ビルから、イースト・ヴィレッジまでを見渡す抜群のビューのアパートは、天井までの高さが4.9メートル。 壁紙はウルトラ・スウェードで、コンテンポラリー・ファニチャーで統一された空間。
そこに8人掛けのポーカー・テーブル、14人が着席できるディナー・テーブル、グランド・ピアノ、パックマンのゲームがテーブル・トップになったバー・カウンター、 ビリヤード・テーブル、そしてイースト・リバーを見渡す窓際には望遠鏡が設置されていて、 典型的なバチェラー・パッド(独身男性の自宅)という感じのインテリアになっているのが、このペント・ハウス。


 2010年の結婚以前の里田といえば、カントリー娘。として活動後、おバカタレントとしてブレーク。当時のクイズ番組では、「溺れる者は何をもつかむ?」という問題に「子ども」と回答したほか、「新年の目標」を聞かれ「自分の目標? それとも世の中の目標?」と返すなど、"おバカ"をウリにしていた。


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Phoenix Swanson
P.S. Maybe it was an "English-Footballer-Dubai-Palm-Jumeirah" type of situation...
Phoenix Swanson
Why would a celebrity live in "Trump Tower"?
That moment when you live in NY and you be like

E&E Apartments Ljubljana
Nice :)
billy joel new york state of mind
Love it from Debbie at Hollywood
Elizabeth Gaspodnetich
Rather drab for the price. I didn't like it at all.
nick ave
how much for that?
Stian Kuipers
Is it normal that i want this house?! Because its really beatitfull! ☺
I like Mariah Carey cribs better.
Emīlija Liepiņa
pffff $25 mlj about so stupid house
Bad Gator
Fuck Trump
I rather die than living in this Queens view apartment... btw, Jay Z and Beyonnće live in Tribeca not midtown...
Beautiful Creation
did anyone notice Beyonce's boob
Like this singer. Apartment is lovely. Understated and classy.
Bella Cube
it has a very nice view! But looks like it's quite scary if there was an earth quake or bombing attacks!
maraysha bell
maraysha bell
Send me dome money in tallhasse south city apartment 21
Carolina Instagram
Havelock Project by Indian Summer Investments
and make a comments
The bedrooms are way to small, and many of other rooms are to small and shaped funny for that much money. A home costing over 10 million dollars should have bedrooms at least 20x20 in size, the master bedroom is not even 20x20.
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