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Using The Flying Glitch... (Epic | People Say I'm The Best Sniper In The World - At Up-Tube.com

Using the FLYING GLITCH... (Epic people say i'm the best sniper in the world 2 months ago   19:24

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The Saxbomb
This was released on my birthday, yeeyyyy!
Infinite Playz
Is it just me or does Elliott look like Elon Musk
are you wearing Lachlan's merch Muselk? why not your own merch?
swagmaster 100
there is another floating platform at 6:57
That One Youtuber
He keeps saying "Epic plz fix" when we all know he doesn't want it fixed...
Gyula Kovács
2:00 best stuff ever
Corbin Lee
it looked like Obe lost
Alex Church
if u put a cone down you will not fall as quick
Please stop saying curse words
Charlie Harman
You said let’s go in the storm
Noooo don’t do tick toc don’t be cringey😭💙
josh4451 josh4451
Only noobs take the high ground
Charles Thompson
I am
Jackson Delong
I mean 081
Jackson Delong
8:50-8:57 my name for FORTNITE is Streamer_BTW_108
Happyfaceiam Izaiah
Ur stupid and a bot
Building Legend
He should put the turret on it so the floor has 1000 health
Muselk is actually low key not good at building
Ghostemane ll Gho
Who Heard Muselk Say I Need To Go In The Storm When He Meant To The Circle Like If U Agree
William Soto
9:00 if that is ur try hard mode ur trash but u know that
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people say i'm the best sniper in the world Using the FLYING GLITCH... (Epic 2 months ago   09:25

apparently i'm the greatest sniper in fortnite battle royale ever (not cheating but maybe aimbot)

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