How to make working model of a wind Volcano model with real-fire 5 months ago   05:46

Antique Pencil
Hi, in this video I show you how to make a wind turbine model from cardboard. For blowing the air I use a stand fan here.

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Antique Pencil
It is not connected with bettery because it is based on principle of turbine generator. Let me explain, in motor we have some copper windings and two magnets. If we can rotate those copper windings between those two magnets it produces some electricity, this electricity is transfer to L.E.D bulb that is the reason why the bulb blinks without any battery. Here I use a permanent magnet DC motor so it can be used as a DC generator. Configuration of DC motor is 12 volt 3400 r.p.m and 3 volt L.E.D. To make the fan ( which is connected to the motor ) rotate we have to blow it with some external wind source. For this I use a table fan but it is not shown in the video....Thank you.
Pablo Portillo
es difisil pero bonito
pradeep aggarwal
Are bhai isme to battery or switch use hi nahi kiya fir ye chal kase raha hai
Chandan Mehta
Plz tell me
Chandan Mehta
Yeh brown cardboard hai kya
14agust stutus 14 agust stutus
The best video editing
I love this project
Krushna Erande
I tried as in video. All specifications, wiring are as per video. Checked LED bulb. But bulb does not blink. Does it take time as fan starts? Or bulb blinks immediately after start of fan? Does it need any cell or battery for electricity storage?
Kiranpal Singh
Ye motor aur bulb kis se jalaya
kamal kishore
It's so wonderful project sir
ender gamet
How many metres of electrical cable do we need?
Muhammad ALEE
It so much easier for me
Sunita Bhaskar
Sunita Bhaskar
Ye model chal kaise raha h.. No battery, No switch
naresh chinta
Nice ra
Rayasha Awesome in singing
How do u atach the wires Antique pencil?
Ayush Kashyap
Where is the battery
Irham Hafiz
Kindly add steps of construction for this model
sanjay jha
chandani singh
Before vedeo plz show material requirements
masti GUNDEV
Where is the battery
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Volcano model with real-fire How to make working model of a wind 5 months ago   03:32

This video shows how the Volcano model itself was built. It took a few working hours, so 2 or 3 afternoons needed to make this model.
There is no fire or any eruption in Part 1.
If you want to know how to make the fire and see the tests, please go to Part 2.

If you want to see the eruption during the successful presentation on the school playground in front of the two year 4 classes, go to Part 3.