The Truth About The iPad Pro... Mark Knopfler on Guitars 1 day ago   08:08

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I’ve been using nothing but an iPad Pro for 3 weeks… These are my findings.

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Unbox Therapy
iPad Pro or Laptop?
plz clean your hands with ethanol before touching screen
Julien Roy
Surface Pro 6 Now
I use the iPad pro for drawing, design, and light typing and note-taking at school. It is awesome. Although I still love my PC with keyboard, I don't miss my laptop that much. However, sometimes after school, I would rush home to finish my essays, write a program, or play games on my PC. Overall, it's quite innovative, but proper file management and minor fixes with keyboard and pencil connection are very helpful. Meanwhile, OneNote app can read handwriting and create titles, which makes it even better for school use (if you don't do programming or stuff at school)
Viciouz Saundz
The Truth About The iPad Pro... It sucks!!!
enough with the effin speakers ... eeeach effin device, eaach effin video..
Ismall Khiereddine
The best iPad
Eduardo Rodriguez
You’re so annoying, truth about this, truth about that, stop with the fucking clickbait
Always. Entertaining. People.
Please please PLEASE review the SOULJA BOY game consoles! Most revolutionary new thing out there!🤢
Atif Ali
anything will be acceptable for me bcuz replying to and watching u.t videos on 1200 dollars laptop from the last 4 years is so painful.
mac vs ipad it's ok
but if you took not ipad pro but ipad 2018
could you do the same thing on pro
but much cheaper ?
would be enough for him?🙄
Aleksandar Matić
Zack broke it - don't want it.
Cian Lehane
For most people, the iPad does the job. The iPad Pro offers very little extra, unless you're a pro user. Most people buying it don't fit that description.
bbang shuttle
These fucking apple shills actually think that a12 processor is 'faster' than consumer grade cpus. Please don't reproduce for the sake of humanity
lee Stevens
My iPad 12.9 has almost replaced my laptop. The only thing i use my MacBook for is audio editing when I’m not at my desktop. I love the pro!!
The Chair
I wish Apple made the 12.9" a 13.3" tablet instead of shrinking it.
with out Bluetooth mouse support it can't be considered a notebook replacement.
Ammar Al-Rubh
Too stupid and pointless review, Google Boy

You are comparing an iOS to Windows and macOS ??
I Think it's missing a trackpad
people in the comments section talking about how they gonna use there ipad pros for "professional work* and blah blah blah. just be honest, most of you will be buying this ipad to watch youtube videos and Netflix.
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Mark Knopfler on Guitars The Truth About The iPad Pro... 1 day ago   14:25

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