East 17 - It's Alright Bryan Adams - Please Forgive 2 days ago   04:47

East Seventeen impersonators present It's Alright

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Sourour Baccouch
I don't know how I got here, but I totally love it... feels just like me singing in fronr of the mirror
dean raynsford
WTF 😂😳😂
Liam Nek
This song was played in the wedding of trump n ivanka
Glocktuning cz
Shit ! Ble! Stupid people make stupid video.
Thank to Zelda !!!
Zdenek Duda
Hruza des and do nothing to nenapodubuje kdybi aspon so zazpivali amateri D. D. D. D. D.
I think those guys are mockin em !I prefer infinitly listen to E17 than listen to what u call hip hop today !those guys dont know music !
Fresh Lemonade
the geezer in the blue dow no the lyrics and whats with the ripped shirt lol
I peed my pants...lmfao. Please post more like this
the brakdance moves are epic
this made me laugh, the comments are just as hilarious, the guy who obviously had no clue what the lyrics were cracked me right up, lads having fun not taking life too seriously, just brilliant!!!!
jen mctavish
much love random person walking their doggs respect to guys doing the video terrible though lol
How Do Ya Like Me Now, Chucklehead?
Gotta love the 90s. When everything from boy bands to children's TV shows had a metal guitar. Beats the electro-dubshit these days, I guess.

Apart from that, these drunken clowns in the clip don't have anywhere near enough late 80s/early 90s ridiculous beanies and large, oversized jeans to pass for authentic.
Ange Hall
That was so funny crying awesome
Joshua Baron
Norn iron !!!
Batmanlai Bayarmanlai
dumb animals
Sreeram Padmanabhan
its actually its all right is originated from an indian who is iron ed for malnutrition kids and sreeram padmanabhan is the singer of the song.thanks for the entire crew and members who are behind of EAST-17.good and crisp song ending.
parafin 78
Как я сюда попал и кто это?
григорий хикс
кто они?? Я думал постаревшие солисты
Fabrice Duval
Assez incroyable on dirait le groupe d'American Pie un peu :D 
Mais avec quelques années d'avance ! Superbe video !!!
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Bryan Adams - Please Forgive East 17 - It's Alright 2 days ago   06:28

Video director: Andrew Catlin
Shot in Paris at Studio Guillaume Tell, 1993
The dog in the video belonged to the studio owner, but liked BA and followed him during his stay there. Mutt and BA also wrote "All For Love" around the same time as this song.