Instagram Followers Picked BROOKLYN’S Identical Twins PREGNANT with 1 day ago   10:05

Brooklyn and Bailey
Hey guys, Brooklyn here! I let you guys pick my #date on #instagram, and we’re about to reveal the boy that YOU chose! I felt SUPER awkward while filming this, so I hope you all enjoy! 😂

We gave you guys a bunch of “this or that” questions on instagram (tall or short, blue eyes or brown eyes, etc). We gathered the final results, and let those results choose the guy that we were looking for!

Did you guys enjoy watching me walk up to complete strangers on campus to ask them on a date?? 🙈 Comment below!

Based on how y’all voted, I was searching for a guy with the following:
*Blue eyes
*Clean shaven face
*Dark/short hair
*Tall (easy bc everyone is taller than me lol)
*Prefers movies over books
*Business major
*Likes Marvel comics/movies

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💋's -Brooklyn

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Brooklyn and Bailey
What do you guys think of my DATE that YOU picked?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn
Dragon Lover531
Did anyone count how many times Brooklyn said the word "friend" in that last clip? 😂
Troy Wakefield
Congratulations, you now understand what it is to be male, asking out girls.
Maddy M
What the heck how did she get rejected so much? She is honestly one of the most gorgeous women that ever actually existed
Sadie Sunshine
honestly?? how could anyone say no to a date w brooklyn wtf
I match all the criteria, too bad I live in Europe... 😂
Dorothy Lawrence
My brothers name is Ethan?!?!!??
Emma Gibb
Carms Luise
The dude from 6:33 and the dude from the double date look the same
Beth Dolbeare
Well if u get to know him better, you two would make a really cute couple!💕
Olivia Suddleson
he’s cuteee
Maya Mirr sir
Watching your college videos makes me so excited for college lol
Mckenzie Johnston
I actually like Brooklyn and Ethan together
Wait he was cute
Nadia A
This hurt to watch
Emilin George
....a "new friend" huh?
PeanutButter Pug!
Bailey is already thinking about them getting married and Brooklyn is like thank y’all for getting me a new friend
Hal Phillips
Brooklyn you have great bravery
Giulia Mezzana
oh my gosh the guy you dated is so cute
Chubby Cheeks
"new friend" BUT HE WAS C U T E
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Identical Twins PREGNANT with Instagram Followers Picked BROOKLYN’S 1 day ago   10:53

First, we want to make sure it’s absolutely clear that this is just a challenge video, and that we're NOT actually pregnant! Many YouTubers have taken on this 24-hr pregnancy challenge, so we thought we'd try it but with... #TWINS! 🤰🏼🤰🏻

Our mom was #pregnant with Brooklyn and me when she wasn't that much older than we are. She often reminded us about how hard it was being pregnant with us, you know, like all moms and the "You have no idea what my body went through for you" statements we get? So, we really wanted to wear BIG twin bellies to get an idea of mostly what our mom went through. Obviously, this is not the same thing, since pregnant women IRL go through so much more, including morning sickness, food cravings, some bed rest, lots of uncomfortable pain, and for much longer! 😂 We at least got a small taste of what being pregnant would be like, and MAD PROPS TO ALL WOMEN out there who endure pregnancy to bring us into this world!

The big silicone bellies that we carried were 14+ pounds each! It might not sound like a lot, but on top of it being heavy, it’s just "awkward" to suddenly have a stomach that size overnight!

Our bellies would get in the way of EVERYTHING, and we were EXHAUSTED by the end of the #24hours! Women are truly super heroes for going through all this for NINE months... and men seriously have NO CLUE what it is like! 😅

During the day, we went to Target to shop for maternity clothes, had a #GenderReveal party with our team, and even sent our dad out to fulfill one of our late night “cravings.” 😂 (I have to say, we could get used to having someone go to the store in the middle of the night to get us ice cream!)

All in all, we really do think that everyone should participate this challenge, simply to appreciate what our mom's went through to bring us into this world! It is also helpful for teenagers to get a small glimpse and understand the REAL implications of pregnancy and its consequences, including hardships the body faces during the 9-month gestation period. This is serious stuff, people, a lot that we can learn.

So, this experience taught us a lot and seriously gave us such an appreciation for all women, like our mom, who do this for REAL! Driving was hard, sleeping was impossible, we felt pains in places we never anticipated, and every-day tasks just seemed way more difficult than before. Women are incredible, strong creatures that can nurture and bring life to a tiny living human! We all have so much respect for each and every one of you women out there!

Please give this video a 👍🏻 if you enjoyed the video, and leave a COMMENT BELOW if you think BOY YOUTUBERS should try this 24hr pregnancy challenge! Say... the Dolan Twins, the Dobre Twins, or even Jake & Logan Paul? I bet Brent Rivera would!

💋's - Bailey


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