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It Should Be In Every Home / How To Make | How To Do Perfect Silicone Line How To Apply - At Up-Tube.com

IT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME / HOW TO MAKE How to do perfect silicone line How to apply 11 months ago   06:45

Rough Hands and Unusual Ideas
Hi, im a Pensioner . Apart from my work i like DIY stuff, lifehacks, how to make, experiments, well everything that can be made by hand in a home enviorment. This channel " Rough Hands and Unusual Ideas " about new and old ideas that you might have known . This channel is a HACK COLLECTION. It’s an entartainment oriented channel, so do not try to repeat at home everything you see, as it might be dangerous. So take care of your health.

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les allan
To much time on your hands
Yah Saves
Put a piece of tape on the drill bit to the desired depth and be done with it.
Justin H
im locked out of my car and just as the most important part of the video i was watching that demonstrates how to resolve my issue a still picture ad of your video blocks my screen. did i mention i have limited, decreasing battery. if i dont get in my car tonight, someone please tell youtube their ads are extremely annoying DURRING A VIDEO THATS ALREADY BEING PLAYED. if i gotta wait for an irrelevant ad how come yall cant wait for my desired video..?
Grolem M
not many people have the tools to make this
Denis Palmer
why the crap noise I hate needing to turn off the shit to watch a video.
Liam Miller
Interesting concept. I might use my powerarc and make a variant of this.
J Battler
It would be actually useful if one knew what you are making...
Brian Schnoor
Very interesting.
Patrick Freeman
I think it's a great idea. perpendicular drill guide and T-square in one, awesome. Now I need to figure out how to do it without a welder. Maybe JB weld?
Larry Riffett
Dumb waste of time.
rideordieguy rideordieguy
was enjoying till that mouth noise YACKKKK BYE
i think its a drill press but i cant say for sure tho cuz the moron covered up the main viewing area with more links blocking the device ...
Julie Leulliot
So this guy has a grinder, welder and would have to guess much more and he has no drill press? If you have all those tools, I guess this is a project. If you have no access to a drill press and need this tool you would most likely not own all the tools needed to build it.
Great to watch the male mind in action.  Nice job but a lot of work.
Wtf isit and what's it supposed to do? WASTE OF TIME
Elizabeth McKenna
Thanks for blocking my view of the video I was watching idiot.
Heather65 Renwick
For all the haters. Instead of commenting rudely it’s best to keep it to yourself. This gentleman uses his imagination, he shares his ideas and talents with us. What will you all turn out to be when you are a pensioner. Will you use your imagination , if you have one, or will just sit on the porch drinking booze and smoking cigarettes? Be respectful. You don’t know what this gentleman’s life was like but you criticize. I very much appreciate this gentleman and love his ideas. He is contributing to society. What are you haters doing besides hating. Make this world a better place like this man is 🥰💕
Bernard MICHEL
Really boring to see a guy doing something you do not know anything about , not even what is going the use of it !!! And we have to try to discover what he has done !!! Please !!!
William Charles
Nice device, I wonder why you don't apply for a patent. You may also find it easier to weld your projects with a small flux core MIG welder. You can probably find a used one for $60 US.
Kenneth Stevenson
When you are cutting the square tube with the grinding wheel you should wear gloves and grab the handle of the grinder in such a way so your hand or arm is not crossing the arc of the cutting wheel. You could suffer a serious injury if the cutter would bind when you are in this position. You look like an experienced fabricator , I am surprised that you have not suffered serious injury. Don't operate a chainsaw with body parts crossing the plane of the cutter, you could loose body parts or even your life.
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How to do perfect silicone line How to apply IT SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOME / HOW TO MAKE 11 months ago   05:50

Easy applying perfect silicone finish even for beginners . Using exterior blue masking tape and silicone gun.This video shows the easy way of apply white silicone on dark surface if you use white silicone on white surface then the tape is not necessary. Im using MDF board for video purpose only to show clearly all process of applying silicone.First make sure the surface is free from grease and dust. The tape can be stick wider to allow for wider silicone line if needed. And need to be removed as quickly as the silicone has been applied then silicone smooth again Please subscribe for more videos.