WHO DONE IT?! - Ten Minute Power Newlywed Game VS SuperMega (PUNISHMENT 1 week ago   14:45

A crime has occured in the Game Grumps office... Will Arin and Dan will get to the bottom of it?
What should we do next? Let us know!

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Dir/shot/edit by Tucker and Matt
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Pp Poo poo
Bradly Brad
I’m seriously beginning to think the game grumps are autistic
Halfdan Andersen
soooo... i'm a scaylli or whatever it's called
Scorpion & A Crab
Aaron was once egoraptor on new grounds and now he’s constantly smiling walking around a bad ass office making funny bits and enjoying life with close friends and family.
I think about that every time I look at those hecin chins of his.
Redneck Clown
Still gonna eat them🤷‍♂️
Jess Demoor
Matt has a very prominent throat doodlie
Little Sister
Hehe nut bag
robert casey
Spencer stole the show.
6:23 this is why I love dan

The Guy Who Games
I will never buy almonds again
Omf I knew I hear little dog feets! Spencer is my new favorite grump. Sorry Danny and Aaron! Lol
Nick Shermer
I've been watching Game Grumps on and off since the JonTron days, and I still don't know who moat of thw people in this video are. They seem like cool dudes though...
Nick Shermer
Anyone else miss the old tmph intro song?
Dio Lachance
When is Tucker going to make his own channel. I need more weird.
The Drizzle 404
Silly Arin, all agriculture destroys the Earth. Your only solution is to stop existing.
Almonds are awful anyway.
Doodle Boy
Oh my God
Michael Pierce
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Newlywed Game VS SuperMega (PUNISHMENT WHO DONE IT?! - Ten Minute Power 1 week ago   15:38

How many karats are those rings?
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Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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