WHO DONE IT?! - Ten Minute Power Newlywed Game VS SuperMega (PUNISHMENT 2 months ago   14:45

A crime has occured in the Game Grumps office... Will Arin and Dan will get to the bottom of it?
What should we do next? Let us know!

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This is why Matt and Ryan left.
daisy doo
Catte Official
Almond rate drops to 0
Terra Simone
I'm gonna stop buying almonds
Fun fact: Arin has stock (AND STAKES) in three years worth of AlmondCons.
I Leafty
Dan and arin they have a really nice looking house and I mean from the inside
smerf papa
1:00 well, I'd happily have them take the bee swarm out of my backyard any day.
honey bees are an invasive species that weren't originally from america and are actually harming the populations of other pollinators (yes it's true)
Paul Herrera
Turns out arin might not have been bullshitting about almonds killing bees. I googled it just for the fuck of it. And some articles actually came up. lol
Kasey Jenkins
I think you mean almond milk not individual almonds.
Papalapagus Octavia MaGoo
"STOP BUYING THESE IT'S WATEFUL! IT TAKES A GALLON OF WATER TO MAKE ONE ALMOND! THEY'RE BREAKING THE ENVIRONMENT!!!" *almonds/gallons-o-water/hard-bee-efforts/precious-bee-lives spilling everywhere*
you ever have those moments where the friend you LEAST expect takes something that you like?
why does matt always sound like, actually offended all the time?
Mr. McFunkyPants
The real mystery is, who bought the butter almonds?
Without Horns
oh so that's ally? cool.
Matthew Warren
I went to the supermega vid with this bit in it, and hooo there were some fans being SO mad and taking it so seriously and hdgdhfhfhdhgfgg????
Joshua Bell
Anyone catch the end like the last second frame in the episode, it's an eBay link that sends you to someone selling one of the mouth things Arin used in one of the 10MPH
Kymberlie Powell
So Arin is mad about almonds because they hurt the bees and it costs 1 gallon of water for 1 almond. Then I got an add on Hershey almond bars. Kind of mad
Dan Robnett
Thank god for Tucker
Luis -Kun
I love to air-saxophone the intro
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Newlywed Game VS SuperMega (PUNISHMENT WHO DONE IT?! - Ten Minute Power 2 months ago   15:38

How many karats are those rings?
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