NFL Analysis: Ezekiel Elliott’s usage Where should blame fall 5 months ago   04:53

(0:01) Ryan Clark and Jeff Saturday break down what went wrong for the Dallas Cowboys during their loss to the Panthers on Sunday, specifying that Dallas needs to do a better job of utilizing Ezekiel Elliot as the main focus of their offense. (1:56) Saturday and Clark explain how impressed they are with how Carolina’s OC Norv Turner ran the offense and what impact he will have on the team going forward.

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Comments 609 Comments

Jordan Buchanan
Jerry Jones is the cowboys problem. As much as I don’t like garret I doubt he really gets to do what he wants lol
Carrington Linscomb
Cowboys do not currently have a shot at the title a of 9/13/18
jc dova
This panel is outright retarded. Panthers stacked the line to stop the run and these knuckleheads are arguing that Elliot didn't have more attempts? Cowboys lost because Dak is not a polished QB yet. You give any average QB in the NFL single man coverage with one or no safety they will light it up. When Dak figures out how to read defenses, improve his accuracy he will destroy defenses with Carolina's scheme.
Donnie Douglas
Omfg I wish the Cowboys were in our division so we could play them again. Tired of this “give him 30+ touches and you autowin” bullshit. Maybe the Panthers just stacked the box and have a good front 7.
Romail 101
This should be Jason Garrett last year. Clap on that👏👏👏
Romail 101
I was the only one saying to stay with Romo. Dak accuracy is terrible. Can't throw a deep ball for shit. Dez wasn't the problem
Funny Comment Guy
Once they get that de back they’re pass rush is gonna be nice
emmit banks
Jason Garrett cannot coach. We are a run team first why do he think we are New England Patriots. It's not the players fault that we lost the game it's bad coaching that's why we lost the game. until Jason Garrett get fired this what Dallas Nation got to live through over and over and over this is a bad nightmare when will it stop LOL.
Michael Gay
Too bad!! Couldn't happen too a better organization!!😢
Dance fever 😂😂😂
Caleb Clark
It’s hard to believe. Kids can be 23 years old and all they have ever known is the Cowboys suck. Pathetic and tired of it.

Guys, demand change. Quit going to their games until Jerry steps down.
Adam Smith
It's exactly what they've always done when behind a little. ALWAYS.
Andrew Pecina
I want to see Dak with another Coach and Scheme! Garrett and Scott can’t get it done!
Samuel Gonzales
Dak dosn't have big brother on the sideline anymore (Romo) to back him up when in trouble.
Now that he's gone Dak has all the pressure on him now.
Quintan Kelly
Lose with your best! Feed the man #21
Hector Hernandez
Romo was a top 5 qb but they went with dak. That was the day I was done with garret

Fuck linafagg
John Aguilar
Jason Garrett is an IDIOT
Allen Saunders
Dak isn't good at throwing the ball down field the other teams defense knows this
iBall Jay
Is it Dak? Or the coaching? Or receivers? Somebody educate me, I got faith in the cowboys but help me understand the REAL problem
landon marcum of the dallas cowboys and Kentucky
I'm a cowboys fan but I'm tired of being stressed when they lose
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Where should blame fall NFL Analysis: Ezekiel Elliott’s usage 5 months ago   05:51

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