COPS CALLED FOR FISHING PUBLIC Morons breaking the law harassing wade 1 month ago   14:56

SGI Maverick
We've caught a 7 pounder and a 5 pounder the day prior ;)

UPDATE: I've talked to this lady about 3 times now, and the first few times I was very respectful and listened to what she had to say. And all 3 times I've explained to her that this is public property. I've talked to the other neighbors and these people give fishers problems all the time, even though it is indeed public property. The first time she confronted me I was wearing earbuds and she grabbed my shoulder and started screaming at me, I told her to calm down so we could have a civil conversation yet she continued to yell at me. I don't like getting into drama so I came off as toxic straight off the bat just because I couldn't stand her telling us incorrect information again. As you saw in the video she came off as toxic right at the beginning and I didn't want to deal with it.

Johnnys Channel:

also i know that i spelled realize wrong haha

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Metro Golf
Jon didn't realize he was on their property while standing on their dock?
Reload Fire
Next time invite a lawyer when go fishing
Josh Cummings
I woulda told that old man to FUCK off why did u leave u guys ur pussies that old man was gonna happy Gilmore ur ass
Dope Sleeper
378000 views so far - not bad for 1st video. Your channel should just be you arguing with people about who owns the land. Just stand in someone’s back yard with your fishing pole until they come out and tell you to leave, then wave that paper in their face and tell them their house is owned by Gwinett county.
Tommy Trex
The fat kid in the red has osteoporosis.
dave hayslip
you were trespassing on those folks land. I would of had you arrested. why dont you get a job and buy a boat and then you wont have problems
If i were that old guy,i would pull out my gun and shoot random in public property,then see how long your punk ass stay around..get a life son of the bitch
Don Edwards
fuck all you millennium babies who think your entitled, nobody owes you shit.
Andreas Ails
Yeah in our neighborhood the burglars carry fish pole bust in through back of house so until you pay taxes on the property fo
you pussed out and gave in to the old man haha good for you he was a polite old man
Bill H is this kid fishing bothering those old farts? Oh boy..they just can't wait until they get their other two signs. That'll teach those troubled youths.
anthony gaona
Kill the music but still a good vid
I don’t know about this. You may have been in the right, but what was gained by harassing these old folks? You have riches beyond belief - you have time. They do not. Leave them alone. And if you have to ‘lose’ to them, so what? Go elsewhere and have fun.
Rafael Pinefa
These old bastards have about 10 decent years to live and they act like they plan to take the lake with them when they check out ?
Enjoy your life !
It is too short to be so bitter !
It’s not private property, I have grandparents live here.... Dude, get your story straight before you try to bs some people.
Ron Johnson
Than fish on that piece of public property. That public access gives you no right to be in the homeowners back yard or on their docks. Who the hell do you think you are? Drag your ass a kayak to the water and stay off people's property. Your self righteous entitlement beliefs are pathetically misguided
Lone Wolf
Steal a whole country , lecture people on private property 😂 get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!
Metroboom 767
You are an asshole
Darrell Lockhart
Elderly not eldery
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Morons breaking the law harassing wade COPS CALLED FOR FISHING PUBLIC 1 month ago   02:36