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Cops Called For Fishing Public | Morons Breaking The Law Harassing Wade - At Up-Tube.com

COPS CALLED FOR FISHING PUBLIC Morons breaking the law harassing wade 5 months ago   14:56

SGI Maverick
We've caught a 7 pounder and a 5 pounder the day prior ;)

UPDATE: I've talked to this lady about 3 times now, and the first few times I was very respectful and listened to what she had to say. And all 3 times I've explained to her that this is public property. I've talked to the other neighbors and these people give fishers problems all the time, even though it is indeed public property. The first time she confronted me I was wearing earbuds and she grabbed my shoulder and started screaming at me, I told her to calm down so we could have a civil conversation yet she continued to yell at me. I don't like getting into drama so I came off as toxic straight off the bat just because I couldn't stand her telling us incorrect information again. As you saw in the video she came off as toxic right at the beginning and I didn't want to deal with it.

Johnnys Channel: https://up-tube.com/channel/HPSyQIF1PQTZGQZCYfbNOIft

also i know that i spelled realize wrong haha

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Kevin Mayes
Boomers these days...
So much for Get of my lawn ! More like " Get of my lake" : )
There are always a couple of old assholes that think they own everything! It's my lake! They should be happy these kids are out doing something constructive and positive, but noooooooooooo……………….
William Miller
fucking boomers
Adam Mlodynia
Y argue with elders jesus christ
Maybe everybody should shoot heroin and then they would get robbed from the kids instead of them fishing in the back fucking jerk off people
Matty A
"Decided to leave" is code for acted like that with an officer and they told you to leave or you'd have been hit with disorderly conduct. Seriously, as a psychologist who is also an avid fisherman, you need to be medicated asap.
Matty A
Do you have social anxiety disorder man? You're shaking, your voice is trembling, tone of your voice is peaking. You can literally see and hear the adrenaline from the situation in your body and voice. You can get medicine for that. Not saying you're doing anything wrong. Just telling you that you have a legitimate problem and it's obvious. Also, that's why you come off as a HUGE ass to people in life as I know when you read this, you'll admit to yourself, "wow, yeah I get in a lot of confrontations".
Nathan Pew
I don’t get people making a big deal about people complaining about fishers being near their property, it is such a passive activity. I could get being against a car meet near you. I love cars, I would probably join the meet, but it’s loud. I get it, but not fishing
Dragon K
Just get cops to tell them an put them in there place.
Steve White
Has this old man got mental issues? What has fishing got to do with stealing? Even if they were trespassing, that isn't stealing, what a cretin.
That dock is public? I doubt that!
Michael Smith
If I was the cop will say you did
Nothing wrong so you can keep
Fishing here as long as you like
And come back soon so have a
Good day lads ok I will come
Fishing with you tomorrow ok
Michael Smith
Just keep fishing and blank the
Old man out and say nothing
Solid first video. I thought for a second the dude was going to cave when you offered to let him throw a few casts. Keep it up bud.
Logan Barker
Fuck off seems to be the only logical response to these twats.
antonio hidalgo
keep your head up young man dont let people like this stop you from fishing there you had good evidence on paper it would have been nice if that man joined you and decided to help you guys fish i mean isint that to much to ask but oh well its a loss on his part since you have grandparents who live there i hope i helped rise your spirits bud cause id be happy to be your firend too but im in texas
Why Me
This is another reason that no one should live more then a 1/2 mile from the lake. Funny this ole guy will die soon and none of this will be her property.
Bluewater Sailor
Nothing worse than retired American Jews from
"Jew Nersey" and "New York" who make a DYING if Life, than a Living!
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Morons breaking the law harassing wade COPS CALLED FOR FISHING PUBLIC 5 months ago   02:36