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Insane Number Of Wasps Take | Three-Year-Old's Special Friendship With - At Up-Tube.com

Insane Number of Wasps Take Three-Year-Old's Special Friendship with 2 days ago   01:17

Inside Edition
It was just another day at the office for Jude Verret, a Louisiana bee wrangler who recently faced a car full of teeming wasps.  In video posted to his Facebook page, Verret shows a four-door sedan parked in someone's yard, and the interior is completely taken over by a yellow jackets' nest. Verret runs a business called Stinger Creations, which does insect removal and beekeeping. Thanks to heavy suits and helmets, neither Verret nor a fellow beekeeper were stung. Just another day at the hive.

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Jake RS
I have a 1987 ford for sale...

only thing wrong is a slight buzzing sound but should be able to fix it with some bug spray...
Kianna Jones
Literally my worst nightmare....
Proton Gaming
Hey wanna ride?

Sure, looks cozy in there
Gacha Astrology UwU
Worst part...

*Im allergic to wasp*
hi '-'
Just lure them out with jazz
throw the whole car away
samuel clarke
Hey my Lyft driver is here
what the DIGGATY DOG

wasp:exuse me but this is our apartment
Kool Kid
Just throw a bomb in there lol
Rad Con
“Looks at the nest covering the front seat. Think that’s bad, looks at the back seat”

**shows the same exact thing as front seat**
Marzy 360
Drive it in the river
The Indiana Jones Show
I dare somebody to go in that car naked
Marky Mark Johnson
$2,000. Take it or leave it. I know what I have.
panda remix
Time to throw the whole car away
work hard
they should use this car as one of those car baits to get stolen
Jesus Christ
So who's the hero that drove it into a lake?
Pyrowolf GT
If he didnt want the car after just drive it in the water
Hans, get ze flammerwerfer
Jaime Macias
Perfect car to stick 50lbs of tanerite in and take to the middle of a field lol
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Three-Year-Old's Special Friendship with Insane Number of Wasps Take 2 days ago   01:26

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