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1956 Twa/ual Aircraft Disaster | Fatal Delay | No One Has Ever Left - At Up-Tube.com

1956 TWA/UAL Aircraft Disaster Fatal Delay | No One Has Ever Left 2 months ago   52:27

This video presents the dedication ceremony for the site of the 1956 Grand Canyon midair collision when it was listed as a National Historic Monument on July 8, 2014. The ceremony took place at Desert View on the South Rim of the park.

Two commercial airliners collided 21,000 feet over the Grand Canyon, killing all 128 people on board the two planes.

The crash caused both airliners -- a Trans World Airlines Super Constellation L-1049 and a United Airlines DC-7 -- to fall to the ground. Each had flight plans that should not have taken them over the area, an investigation eventually revealed. It was speculated that the two pilots were giving their passengers a scenic view of the national park.

This was a crucial turning point in aviation history and led to the creation of the Federal Aviation Administration. Also attributed to the crash is the inception of nationwide radar coverage, collision avoidance systems and flight data recorders.

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wolf simone
pathetic people, not a word of the advanced artifacts, discovered, on the crash site, huge cover up
stacy Ritter
MY mother Patrica Carter Fight attendant TWA 1956 was supposed to be on flight that hit other plane and ended in Grand Canyon .She called in last min. and her friend took her place and my mother felt guilty all of her life ,even talked about it on her death bed age 80(2012) I would like to tell her family how sorry my mother was.
J Damian Abel
typical government presentation, so little information and little his story. if it wasn't government work, it wouldn't have to be DONE TWICE. YES, blame it on the airlines, the government, GOD forbid, it wasn't the airlines, ANOTHER reason why the people resent government incomptentece, which continues to this day nearly every catastrophic failure the government is responsible to help protect the public from.
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Fatal Delay | No One Has Ever Left 1956 TWA/UAL Aircraft Disaster 2 months ago   15:25

The Lockheed L-1011 operating Flight 163 caught fire after takeoff. The pilots successfully land the aircraft, but something terrible happens next.

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