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Those images of Crossroads brings me so many memories of me pigging out there, literally going through 4 - 5 plates, and not giving a f**k about what anyone thought about me.

I miss Crossroads and Cafe 3. Haven't eaten in either of those places since 2013, and I long to dine there again.
Why was there no information on iHouse?
Loya Frostwind
The DCs looks much nicer in the videos. I don't think we had such pretty food 20 years ago.
David Maxim
Just waiting till 2021
Jordan Manthey
From Tampa and I just got accepted into Berkeley for Fall 2016! What housing area is best? I like to get good grades but I liked getting fucked up even more. Any suggestions?
Joshua Pinaula
0:54 Stern Hall is the all female residence it does not look like a castle, it looks like shit.
The BioE Tutor
I just got accepted as a transfer student. Wondering if I should go.
Katrina Longstaffe
Which is the best accommodation for a 1st year? I have heard many say Clark Kerr but I don't know...
Yasemin Ramazanoglu
my dream university
Max The Kid
kevin Enriquez
Don't go here if you Jewish 😐
im going to cry why cant berkeley just accept me
Mohamed Ali Dimassi
Great video, i love it.
I can't wait to come to UC,Berkeley next year !
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University of California Berkeley Campus 2014 UC Berkeley Freshman Housing 4 months ago   12:02

WATCH IN HD! Campus tour of the University of California Berkeley. I don’t know what it is about this university but I would say it’s probably my favorite campus I’ve been to so far. Love the terrain, natural beauty with all the different trees, historic buildings, and the fact that it overlooks the San Francisco Bay. I really like the different views of Sather Tower all throughout campus. It has always been a dream of mine to study here. Very inspiring campus with plenty of character. One of the best engineering schools in the world, among many other things. I was hoping for nice sunny day but unfortunately it was cloudy with showers. But when I think of Berkeley cloudy weather comes to mind so it was only fitting.

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