My Late but Valid 2019 Resolutions How to survive WINTER in Korea! 🥶❄️ 1 day ago   12:14

rachel rose diary
2019 feels like my first full year as a real-person adult, and I have some goals in mind to make the year really count. I am infinitely thankful for everyone who has been with me on the journey thus far, and I only hope to continue making each other smile and feel good about life for many more years to come, too!!!

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24 days until we move in together 💕

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먹지지효 Jichelinstar
Learning Korean should be the main quest! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really don't like that my bf can't speak Korean.
Just subscribed last week, and watching from California 💗 Wishing you the best this year! You can definitely achieve those goals!
Simone Stewart
Not really related to this vid but I was wondering how classes were for you at Ewha, it's common knowledge that school life is tough for native koreans but is it the same for exchange students coming to ewha?
Elizabeth Beck
Happy new year! It sounds like you two have some great things coming your way. This is my first year out of school and working a full time job as well so I definitely get what you mean about finally being a "real adult" haha. It's cool to see someone else trying to figure it out too!
Sally Joyce
Use learning Korean as a vlog type subject for your you tube. Also use parts of everyday life. This will help on taken off with your channel. You like games then help people learn to play. I’m clueless on games.
Kirsten Corbett
I know my bf (and I) wanna start our own youtube channel too so watching you makes us so happy!

I'd totally support on patreon but I am jobless and my college schedule is too "awkward to be employed" (said the last employer who interviewed me) 😭😂 so idk rip Kirsten's bank account. I seriously hope it all goes well in June!!! If I had the extra money, I totally would. It costs so much to maintain my instrument and then food we'll see. I do hope to begin supporting you on patreon soon!!! 💕💕💕 Best of luck!!!
Kirsten Corbett
Kirsten Corbett
Is this "diet" (I don't believe in diets, I believe in healthy lifestyle changes) similar to keto? Anyway, I did keto for three weeks and my 'keto flu' was so bad. Severe nausea, headahces, fatigue, etc. I have PCOS and this needs to be reversed because I'm currently infertile (and as someone who wants kids in 10 years or so, I need to resolve it), not pre-diabetic but it's a risk, and have gained 12kg since my diagnosis two years ago. So I have tried many fad diets and whatnot. My GP says this, and it helps so much and really simplifies "dieting" for me: "Eat in a way as though you are/were pregnant." And it helps so much. I'm on a limited student budget and yes, I turn to junk food simply because it's cheaper... But I have increased my fruit/veggie intake a LOT.

tl;dr: girl I feel you about the diet change (pardon the rambling 😅)
Delaney Marie
Good luck to the both of you this year!! I would love to see you go full time on YouTube and I absolutely love your content! If you begin to learn more Korean please share tips because I am hoping to begin learning Korean sometime soon!
Kirsten Corbett
I get so excited seeing you excited over living together 😊💕
pk28 lol
I came here to see videos from your channel and I like all of your videos.
Mike Dee
No US taxes if you live abroad for a year😉
Softly koi
Lmao I’ll probably be a starving artist when I graduate with my art degree because I really wanna be a freelance artist one day.
Softly koi
I used to constantly get sick through middle school and high school because of my health. I was struggling a lot both mentally and physically but now it’s been over a year since I started actively eating so much better and working out. I got sick maybe 1 time this year when I was traveling but that’s it.That’s a huge record for me. And my diet is pretty much normal to me now and I like to stick to it. But it’s always important to let yourself have cheat days! tbh it’s made sweets and junk food taste even better when I get to have them on a cheat day 😹. Then I also don’t feel guilty.
Good luck Rachel! Good for you going for your dream!
How about you make one video a week learning korean? Combining two of the resolution and then you have a content every week as a series. And it’s intresting to see what you think you need to learn when you live there.
Good luck!
Destiny Lahani
Smashing the like button, I would love you to go more full time ! You're literally one of my favorite youtubers 😊 I cant wait for the moving vlogs ! It makes me wish I vlogged that stage in my relationship with my hubby, you guys will love looking back on these videos once you've achieved these goals ! Happy new year ! All your hard work will surely be rewarded 💕
Denise R
Good luck with your can do it.
새해 복 많이 받으세요^^ I wish you good luck to achieve all your resolutions for this year! I really enjoy your content and making youtube videos more often as a full time job would be amazing!
Victoria Morgan
Person I travel with in a video game: Companion?
Victoria Morgan
Inverse scream. A gasp? ;P
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How to survive WINTER in Korea! 🥶❄️ My Late but Valid 2019 Resolutions 1 day ago   05:27

Hello everyone!
Let's talk about the winter in Korea today! And how to survive it! ... or at least how to somehow manage the painful winter here. ;) Ironically, while I'm posting this, it's even 4°C outside, but the colder days are just around the corner, I'm sure.

Music by Chillhop
Juan RIOS - petricor
Juan RIOS:
listen on Spotify: