I bought a 1979 CUMMINS Cabover 86 IH 9670 CABOVER FIRST START 2 months ago   14:42

Will it go Mudding? Will it do backflips? Will it pull 8 duramaxes?? Time will tell 😬 #FRANKTHECABOVER

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Dapper Dan
It’s an International tractor, not a Cummins tractor.
Frenidel Benavides
Battery only cost $120 each 4 x 120 _480
Ford HIGHBOY 490
Get a performance fuel injection and turbo
monica93304 brown
I was rooting for it to start! It sounds great. Glad you're going to give it life. My dad and uncle had the same rig in the the mid 80's. Theirs had a 350 with extended wheel bases to haul pipe.
Cummins MAN
This Ladies & Gents is why U NEVER, NEVER wanna run outa Diesel...
ridzuan wan
hello bruce wilsen
wreck that piece of shit today
Gerald nulisch jr
when I started driving a truck in 1986 otr that was the make and model of the first truck I drove otr
Gerald nulisch jr
i'd like to have a old truck like that to restore or already restored
Young Arnold 9.55
Sally Hillal
I owned a 1976 like that new and ran the 48 states , The international was a great truck.
WMMtr Sports
Crappola, I was expecting you to do some "Donuts" in the field! Keep the cleanup videos comin'.
brandon castillo
Truck rice at it again with captain reee
Debashish Das
I think Nightrider got crushed by this model truck
clayton weeks Lonestar show
Do you have a CDL or is it a farm truck
clayton weeks Lonestar show
LOL the ride quality sucks that they're loud
Javier Garcia
The first truck hauling fuel with a tanker the best would do it again
ya are total SHIT at SHIFTING! stick with your tiny trucks your a BOY in a MANS TRUCK!
Norman Rhone
Research purposes. This unappreciative dude will wreck this awesome machine possibly days from now.
Rand0m Randy
Don’t destroy that truck kid I beg of you
I’ll buy it too for any amount
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86 IH 9670 CABOVER FIRST START I bought a 1979 CUMMINS Cabover 2 months ago   08:40