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The price of oil has surged after Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to reduce ouput as part of an effort to curb over-supply. Now Qatar has announced it's leaving the world's most important group of oil-producing nations after almost six decades. The country's energy minister says the decision will enable Qatar to focus more on exporting liquefied natural gas. But some analysts believe the move is political.

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Kutahya Taxi 05434315443
Wolf Blitzer
Qatar can deliver gas and gets paid in PetroYuan. Good for the worldpeace.
Wolf Blitzer
Qatar dropped out Opec.
Bernard Sebranek
Good for Qatar!!
Alahayowarligeygukiiisraacauuahaado Sy
Harvey Angel
Now I wonder what will happen in the future...We all know what happen when the first world countries want the oils. Good luck.
Arber Asllani
Qatar... more like Quitar... hihihi
I Love Qatar
The Pixelated
2.7 million!! where did you study?
Ali Khan
LPG is the future of energy. It's a lot cleaner than your crude oil derivatives and can be transported to long distance through pipelines. Qatar is looking into the future by shifting is focus to LPG extraction. Good move Qatar.
Abdulmajeed Alzahrani
Qatar is facing crisis in its economy. Qatar is NOT a big member in the OPIC. Qatar is very very very's an isolated place.
Alvin Gabriel
Break up the monopoly?
José Dourado
Oil criminal cartel should end and stop robbing the people
OPEC are Fixing oil prices and robbing their customers .... I support QATAR
OPEC are CROOKS ...milking the world for Money !!! QATAR thank you for leaving these Gangsters ... TRUMP
and QATAR 2020
Grace Antonio
Go Qatar gain your independence & have your own way. Congratulations!
Recon Fi
See Qatar is even leaving the NWO
Nik Rahmat
Its obvious, nobody wants to be associated with Prince Mohamed Bone Saw, including Qatar.
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