Eurogroup agrees on European Stability Solomon's Temple Explained 5 months ago   03:45

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Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to invest more in a fund called the European Stability Mechnanism (ESM) that helps countries struggling with debt problems. It's the main outcome of marathon negotiations in Brussels. The ministers say this will leave the single currency better equipped to deal with future crises. But the agreements fall short of French President Emmanuel Macron's proposals to appoint a finance minister and introduce a common eurozone budget. There was also no consensus on integrating the bloc's banking system.. with countries agreeing only to dicuss the matter again next year.

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babis mourelatos
we dont want another Soviet Union.....
The first crisis the euro faced it failed catastrophically, the worst performance currency in the western developed economies. Almost anything they can pass would be an improvement.
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Solomon's Temple Explained Eurogroup agrees on European Stability 5 months ago   10:21

Solomon's temple stood in Jerusalem for almost 400 years. It was the crown jewel of Jerusalem, and the center of worship to the Lord. Understanding the significance of its location, history, and design can greatly add to one's reverence for one of the most holy places in the world.

Special thanks to:
Brian Olson for the beautiful 3D Solomon Temple renders
Michael Lyon for his design elements and feedback of the Temple model
Leen Ritmeyer for his excellent books and personal help
Cantorum Chamber Choir for allowing me to use their music
Noé Correa for translating into Spanish

Wall designs of the temple cross-section interior from: The Quest, by Leen Ritmeyer
Music: "Alleluia" sung by Cantorum Chamber Choir -

For text, images and footnotes:

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