A Wee Tour of Scotland Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places In NORWAY you WONT 4 months ago   02:23

Scotland may be a wee spot on the map, but with spectacular landscapes, thriving cities, foodie hotspots and a colourful events programme, it’ll feel like you have the whole world to explore.
Getting to Scotland is easier than you may think. There are a variety of planes, trains, buses and a whole network of major roads that lead you from the rest of the UK into Scotland. There are four main airports here, so flying in from overseas is a piece of cake too. There are regular flights from a whole host of countries around the world that arrive in Scotland every day! Once you’re here getting around is very straight forward. You can hire a car, book a last-minute train or coach ride, hire a bike or even hop aboard a ferry to one of the islands.
Scotland’s weather is often mild, with a moderate chance of rain, but that never stops us from making the most of the day, no matter what the weather throws at us. From windy walks on the beach or sunny bike rides on woodland trails, to gorge walking in the drizzle or skiing and snowboarding on real snow – there’s plenty you can do come rain or shine (or even snow!).

Scotland is home to seven spectacular cities, each with a unique personality of their own, that boast incredible attractions, historic treasures and a wealth of culture to explore. From Inverness in the north, Glasgow in the west, Edinburgh in the east, and Stirling, Perth, Aberdeen and Dundee in between, there are plenty of city gems you can explore across Scotland.

History and heritage is a huge part of Scotland’s past and present; from ancient tribal Celts and face-painted Picts, to Roman conquerors, red-headed Vikings, powerful royals, and great explorers, there is something to uncover and learn about in every corner of the country. Come and explore a wealth of fascinating attractions including mysterious standing stones, fine castles, lavish stately homes, striking architecture, world-famous inventions and so much more.
Our landscapes are next level – just picture towering mountains, swooping valleys, glittering lochs, golden beaches, and pristine waters. These are just a few of the mesmerising gems you can find here. Alongside our landscapes, keep your eyes peeled for our wide variety of stunning wildlife that you can spot on our mountainsides, along our forest trails, soaring in the sky above you, and swimming along the coastlines.

Did you know Scotland is home to over 790 islands?! Whether you’ve only got a couple of days or a couple of weeks to spend in Scotland, it’s well worth the time to explore some of these magical islands that will truly take your breath away. From sampling fine peaty whiskies on the Isle of Islay, to connecting with the rich Gaelic culture in the Outer Hebrides, there are hundreds of things to do and get involved in.
Calling all foodie enthusiasts! One thing you won’t be able to resist about Scotland, is our fantastic variety of delicious produce. With the Atlantic on our doorstep, you can find hundreds of fresh fish, shellfish and seafood in our cafés, bars and restaurants across the country. Head to a local farmers’ market where you taste locally reared beef, pork, chicken and a whole collection of other types of meat. Of course, a trip to Scotland wouldn’t be complete without some traditional dishes – make sure you try out some haggis, neeps and tatties whilst you’re here, as well as trying a dram or two of our delicious single malt whisky.

Explore Scotland’s fantastic range of exciting outdoor activities, from adrenaline pumping white water rafting and gorge walking, to exploring mountain biking trails and thrilling snowsports, all with a dramatic backdrop to admire too. Scotland also hosts an exciting year-long events programme, which sees the best of Scottish music, culture, dance, theatre, film and much more come together in an entertaining array of festivals.

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Charlie Dunn
Well done VisitScotland you nailed this one 👍
Can wait will be in Edinburgh the 18th and stay mostly Pttenweem!
Gonna go there as soon as I can! Alba gu bràth!
Graeme McFee
Scottish food & drink i didnae see any deep fried mars bars 🤣🤣🤣
Love the trailer. But i think the stunning beauty of the Highlands should've been portrayed a few seconds longer and better :)
Cheers from Germany
Patric Scazzari
I love scotland! We will come back as soon as possibel. Best wishes from Switzerland
British Coastline
Scotland isn't too shabby.
Peter Sains
We go to Scotland at least once a year,& we will be making our 2nd trip this year in May.Nowhere like it
Viviane Caipira
It has been 2 years ago me and my family were on Scotland on a 10 day trip,I wish I can convince them every year
Isle of Raasay Distillery
Great video!
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Top 7 INCREDIBLE Places In NORWAY you WONT A Wee Tour of Scotland 4 months ago   11:29

These are my top 7 Most INCREDIBLE Places In NORWAY you wont believe exist. You need to see these places to believe they are real!!
I recently spent 7 days in Norway to test the Paul&Shark 777 collection.

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