Conservative leadership candidates admit If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Boris 2 days ago   09:45

Channel 4 News
In the Conservative leadership contest three years ago, Michael Gove reportedly told aides he'd taken cocaine.


Now, he and five other contenders aiming for the highest office in the land have admitted to using illegal drugs in the past - from Dominic Raab's university joint-smoking to Jeremy Hunt's cannabis milkshake and Rory Stewart's rather more unconventional use of opium puffing in the middle east. Boris Johnson got there first with an admission more than a decade ago that he'd tried cocaine and cannabis as a teenager, and it had no effect on him whatsoever.


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James James
I wonder what else this little tinker has tried ?
pendent sue
Gove, How's your anxiety now ? Do enjoy the karma LOL
Marc Swift
Bye Bye Bruttos Dyson nostrils 😀😂😃😀😆
Nice vote shifting g bojo
He’s going to legalise Class A drugs if he’s Primeminister!!!
Joseph Hougham
Can you imagine what all these old reactionaries would say if it was Jeremy Corbyn?
Stan Dalby
Lol just look at that clown , their scrapping the barrel now
Everything Cool
People say there's a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to go but there's also a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to they say they want their positions to be down to earth but when they have done cocaine I think it's a bad thing well taking cocaine is down to earth it's doing what a lot of people are doing
Justin Grace
sunlight is only a disinfectant against vampires...
UK's two tier justice system alive and thriving
Russian Métropolitan
Lock him up. I bet he was dealing as well
Davy Ker
Shame this is deemed more problematic than the way Boris conducted himself during the Leave campaign
Almost Free
Oh noes! Adults doing drugs!
Hit-man Junkie
Vote a drug taking con ? 💋
Cocaine conboy needs to DIE ASAP
Ya Ya mon
Vote a Con junkie👀🤣🤣🤣
Leon Trotsky
As much as this is hypocritical of the ruling class, its one step closer to the end of the failed war on drugs that has repressed the working class and minorities for decades
Which other crimes should be forgiven given the passage of time? do we forgive murder, rape and armed robbery? A crime is a crime. and must be prosecuted.
Orange Crush
zadran zadrani
This is rather so funny ! comedians need to step up for this.. all these police go on for meeting the PM to talk how to tackle drugs.. YET, they all used drugs ! hahaha
zadran zadrani
Michael Gove, After seeing your running ! and reminding myself of Vladmir Putin Judo and swimming ! and what NOT. well, lets not VOTE for you at least now, till you get some build up of testosterone.
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If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Boris Conservative leadership candidates admit 2 days ago   06:46

Brexit fanboy and Trump look-alike Boris Johnson gains steam as Theresa May’s replacement for British Prime Minister, despite a history of xenophobic trash talk and misleading voters about the perks of leaving the E.U.

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