TOP 10 SEXY MOMENTS America's Got Talent All Golden Buzzers Auditions on America's 4 months ago   25:19

Honest Rainbow
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Loren Bryant
Don't put it in the front window if you don't have it on the shelf. Truth in advertising -- say what you mean and mean what you say... your title is intellectually dishonest. You could use the terms exciting, dangerous or even provocative but NEVER sexy for most all of these clips. You will never get a audience to follow you if you aren't truthful in your title. All individuals hate to be deceived -- especially the intelligent ones.
Ramo Hasanovic
The last girl is the same girl from wrong turn 6...
Barry Apostolou
Chan Yaohsing
gezahgne berassu
people is so awesom
Title is very wrong lol
Mohammad Habash
David Rivera
Que tendrá que ver "Momentos sexi" con lanzamientos de cuchillos.🐮
Would you define sex please?
i'm falling in love with her
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Victor Yanda
Mel B is the scum cunt of the universe
chester ingosan
pause @8:21 look at the rubiks cube that simeon was holding it is very different
Phyllis Coleman

ආදරය, ඔයා මට එහෙම කතා කරන්න එපා
Par Mor
The side of the cube at 8:22 will never come out the same again. So the cube that comes out is not the one Simon had but a preset. I guess Simon's cube was the one that came out solved, auto-fixed in a magnetic way probably for colours replacement.
Ronald Cluney
Clickbait. :/
Jan J
Please Simon stop putting your middle finger to your face
Aksholpan Rahmetova
Peter Fisher
Mel B and Heidi both need to sit on my face ...
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All Golden Buzzers Auditions on America's TOP 10 SEXY MOMENTS America's Got Talent 4 months ago   40:05

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