The owner of this dog didn't want These Dogs Taking Baths 2 months ago   04:14

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Special thanks to Blue the Pit Bull for helping us save Pirate!
I just posted another video on our website:

Please help us start this year strong with a $5 donation. We really want to save more animals than ever this year.

Thank you :-)


#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #Pirate

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Carole Hesketh
Humans need soooo much educating about animals to get them to see if they are good enough for the animals they wish to give a home too.....what a difference that would all make 👍🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞💞
Amåñdå Stãfførd
Aww Pirate makes perfect sense! He has one eye and most pirates wear and eye patch, covering one of their eyes! It’s perfect!!
Cement syrian TV عالم الاسمنت
Hi iam Qusai from syria , I follow u ander war and 💣 , I believe u ,
Thx for u
Sean Curran
God bless those people that helped him, he was so looking for a home.  That owner who didn't want him back was a d*ck, that's as nice as I can say it.  As*hat fits too.  Special effects should win Oscar lol.
Alison J
Brilliant as all ways. Thank you to the Angeles. 🐶🐶🐕🐕🦋🦋🦋🦋
celtic barbarian
The same people that treat their kids as if they are toy dolls
Does he bAARRRGHk?
James Hutchins
I really want a show where people save dogs like in Hope For Paws and then, if they find out they were abused by their former owners, they just find them and kick the shit out of them. A Hope For Paws/Bully Beatdown hybrid.
Wendy Villanueva
if things turned out bad,the new dog of Pirate's previous owner will face the same fate as Pirate was someday.feel so sad.
clinton faulkner
Whoever the previous owner was that had this dog, is one evil scumbag and a vile human being.. makes me so angry that they would treat a dog like this. What a lovely dog this is and I'm glad he got someone to take him in and look after him and give him a good home.
Heidrun Schwartz
this sweetie looks a little bit like a smaller version of my dog. so i'm even more touched. thx for the rescue like allways. how can one throw a dog out on the streets and not care where he might die in hunger, pain, ... so glad he will be happy from now on.
jing g
That JERK previous owner of Pirate should never ever be allowed again to own any pets.
Hey It’s Maddy
The music and the pirate sword, hat and eye patch had me on the floor laughing
elizabeeth porter
awwwwwwwwwwwwwe ill take him
The Beans
I freaking loved the end
Mirko Soronen
Even tho dogs are small they have a bigger and much loyal heart than us humans
Mirko Soronen
I'm crying why would anyone leave a dog because they got another one. THAT'S JUST FRIGGIN DUMB.
Henry Kwong
Hope the old owner will have a bad karma
Thess Måne
If you can send him to me I promiss he is going to have a Great life and soo much LOVE and treats so you never gonna belive. Only 1 little dilemma, I live in Sweden.
Young Descendant
Pirate was such a good name choice
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These Dogs Taking Baths The owner of this dog didn't want 2 months ago   03:10

These Dogs Taking Baths Are A Dream | Treat yourself to three straight minutes of dogs taking baths 🐶 💦

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