The owner of this dog didn't want These Dogs Taking Baths 2 weeks ago   04:14

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Special thanks to Blue the Pit Bull for helping us save Pirate!
I just posted another video on our website:

Please help us start this year strong with a $5 donation. We really want to save more animals than ever this year.

Thank you :-)


#HopeForPaws #DogRescue #Pirate

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merryfe lanticse
the owner of this poor loved one is not allow to have a new dog..hes not a responsible sad😥😥😥
cocoy tamomoy
hey in the Philippines there are so many homeless cat and dog for me it's Like a thousand
oralia lucero
SUCH A SHAME ON THAT DUMB@$$ who would want this BEAUTIFUL DOG such a cutie! I literally hate people these days! Hope that owner goes to hell
Anders Gedacht
So nice. Love you guys! 💜
Katrin Sch
What was the old owners punishment?
paige pleasant
F*** everybody who hate dogs
paige pleasant
The owners that didn't want the dog back should go to hell and never come back
Thanks for helping all these critters.I also thank you for showing how the dog turns out. Love to see a happy ending. 😍
Hailey plays Lps
The title of this vid is racist why would someone do that
Astrid Putri
And then the owner will abandon the new dog later cause they don't want it too,again..stuuuuupid
How can anyone just give up a dog?? 😡
Fortnite Gaming
I hate that guy he’s a bi**h
Devin Rountree
I love whaching the end of the video so cute
man if i heard someone say that i didint want him anymore i would punch you in the face for saying that a dog is the best companion you could ever ask for and the fact that people dont care and just throws them away is sad
lil The Kid
Wow i think this dog is cuter then the dog he got
Diana Miranda
he's so adorable! l belive he'll get a better life and that he deservers it
The owner didn’t want their family member back? What is that all about?
Deborah chesser
So they throw the old dog away? People, boy I’ll tell ya
John Wu
I also feel bad for that jerk owner's new dog who may eventually be abandoned for the same reason
Juvy McFadden
So many dog in the Philippines pls save theme pls because they are poor
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These Dogs Taking Baths The owner of this dog didn't want 2 weeks ago   03:10

These Dogs Taking Baths Are A Dream | Treat yourself to three straight minutes of dogs taking baths 🐶 💦

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