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Where Do Babies Come From🤔// | [Where Do Babies Come From?][Older][D.n.a] - At Up-Tube.com

Where do babies come from🤔// [Where do babies come from?][Older][D.N.A] 1 day ago   03:15

Your Gal Faith
So I know I said I won’t post today but oh well 😂

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My mom says that that come from seeds but I know exactly where they come from
Liliána Nyilas
You did good she was the worst mother
Emily Brannen
I love this so much! 😊
Mayday & Lollypop
Very 999x good
Deyu Bi
Potato Ducklings
Part 2 plzzz
《H A P P Y P I L L S》
I was listening to music on the bus and then this song just pop out
Brooke Hamer
I can't stop listening
Jessica Wild
I love your videos so much! By the way thank you for making one of my favourite song! (Sorry for my bad English)
Phanella Gaming
When the girl said a** I was Like WHAT
Phanella Gaming
This is SO SAD
Ashley Bell
Gabby Cat
Okay I’m not trying to be rude but I HATE THE MOTHER FLIPPING PARENTS LIKE WHATS THERE PROBLEM!? ( ps. I texted you on insta) my instagram Gabby_cat1
Mevøri ツ
What happened to the dads eyes? Green to blue
ΩTalanieya Ω
For all the parents out there: Don't do this to your child. Please don't. It will influence your child to the the same to their child this can go on for generations until someone says,"It's time to stop this!"
Owen Chen
The fact that a little girl can understand what a bad parent is amazes me
Mia Chavez
Estephanie Salazar
Srry I'm too late.
Destiny Harris
Sorry I'm so late
Giya Pawar
I think kids should not say ass when there 2
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[Where do babies come from?][Older][D.N.A] Where do babies come from🤔// 1 day ago   12:38