waited for ALL my IVIES/UCs then opened College Decision Reactions 2018 4 months ago   06:44

Dakota Ma
Somehow managed to not open all my college decisions until March 31...

Sub and like pls I luv u

MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/fy6zEepwi7V

SEE WHERE I'M GOING: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/Dx2_ZvKUdSR

Skip to the end if you want the decision summaries!

University of California (Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, Davis, Santa Barbara), Yale University, Pomona College, Brown University, New York University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins University


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Dakota Ma
IT'S UP! WATCH WHERE I PICKED! https://up-tube.com/upvideo/Dx2_ZvKUdSR
isabel corona
okay like how are u so smart wth
Soy Nguyen
I just want to be accepted in life
Waitlisted at johns hopkins that's a huge deal.
Alma Luquin
Came here to be inspired and motivated. Now I just feel like crap.
Theoretical Physics
If you are an incoming freshman, it absolutely does not matter where you go to school. It matters what you do, how you network, and what research you do. Your ultimate goal should not be a school, but rather a career. Do I go to a state school? Yes. I also work with people who have done work on gravitation with Stephen hawking and others. I am a computational physics major minoring in math in computer science alongside learning russian. I participated in a top 5 astronomy program and have made many friends that are physics, astrophysics, aerospace engineers, and electrical engineers.

Employers and grad schools do not care about where you go to school, and if you revolve your applications around being in a school for it's prestige and not talking enough about what you have and can contribute to industry or acedemia, they will deny you. I've known of people with 2360 SATs and 4.0 gpas getting denied from all of their top colleges. Meanwhile, employers will likely disregard you if you are looking for a position and where you went to school is at the top of your resume. It reeks of a lack of experience.

Nevertheless, congratulations to those who are accepted. To those who don't get into their school of choice, brush it off. Follow the money, not the name.

Just DO NOT screw up your scholarship while you are in school. Some subjects are harder than others. In astrophysics, you get homeworks that can take over 20 hours to finish, after 10 hours of preparing. Test averages in the 30s. Your GPA will not be what it was in high school if you go into stem. Do not go into college like it is high school. These will be some of the most critical years of your life, and people do often breakdown.

On a brighter note, do not forget to have fun and live a healthy lifestyle. Being an outgoing person will reflect in your well being, which will reflect in your success.
Must be nice I just failed my Econ exam
broke taver
this stresses me out

Its Foxify
fucking asians lmao
Your friend in the back is more happy then you are
Alice Fox-Williams
damn in the UK we can only apply to 5 unis max - like you apply through an organisation called UCAS that all british unis use - its so annoying cos you have to so tactical about choosing which ones to apply to
Julia John
Austin Tillison
casually gets into a ton of super awesome schools... odd flex but okay lol
but congrats seriously that's awesome. best of luck at college!
Marisol Bojalil
“ oh I have a $30,000 thousand scholarship “ 😅😂😭😭
Ky’Aira !
Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️
recklessari tutorials
cant wait for me to apply & get rejected from all ucs bc i’m dumb lol
Zishawn Malik
Your sister is literally every Asian girl I’ve ever seen lol

Congrats btw!
how are you so calm?! I would've freaked every time it says I got admitted!
emma blevins
“oh i have a $30000 scholarship” “oh congrats” i would be screaming if i got that
Mal hills
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College Decision Reactions 2018 waited for ALL my IVIES/UCs then opened 4 months ago   06:41

Footage of my reactions to college decisions! I will include my stats here in the description, but PLEASE do not use these as an indicator of whether or not you will get into a school. You could have higher stats and get rejected from a school I was accepted at, or lower stats and get accepted to a school I was rejected from. There are so many factors in this process and numbers are just a small part of the equation :)

ACT: 31
SAT: 1420
GPA: 4.25w, 3.9uw
XOXO, Kylee

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