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I Was Hospitalized. | College Roommate Horror Story: - At Up-Tube.com

I was hospitalized. COLLEGE ROOMMATE HORROR STORY: 1 day ago   28:22

Please watch all the way through before commenting. Thanks for listening!

XO Katy

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mira dhingra
thank you for sharing your vulnerability! i found comfort in this video as i have recently been dealing with something similar. i got extremely sick in december which started out like the flu, but had ongoing symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, and headaches. i got tested for lyme and got put on antibiotics, which made my fatigue go away, but i’ve been battling daily ongoing headaches for the past four months now! my neurologist has prescribed me so many meds but none seem to be working, i know how tough it is to know something is wrong with your body, but have tests come back inconclusive. i have been battling this undiagnosed illness for almost seven months now and the doctors cannot find any medication to relieve my headaches.

hope you recover fast and well!
Sadia Khan
love you katy. i’ve been watching you since the very beginning and seeing you in this pain was heartbreaking for me, i’m glad you’re doing better and have an answer now!! looking forward to your apartment tour video
Giovanna Medola
Glad you’re feeling better Katy. That must’ve been SOoooo scary. Hope you have a fast recovery now :)
Olivia Whittaker Mangrum
So glad you're feeling better, Katy! I'm so sorry you had to undergo such pain and fear and uncertainty...there's frankly nothing scarier than a health scare! I hope you find this as encouraging as I did: "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end." Ecclesiastes 3: 11
Suzy Woods
I am so sorry that happened, you are so strong 💗❤️
Bon River
Please read Anthony William's book "Medical Medium". He explains the causes of many mystery illnesses. You can also listen to one of his radio podcasts on Lyme Disease. He talks about what Lyme Disease really is and how so many people are misdiagnosed with it. He goes into a lot of detail regarding mysterious symptoms that people present with and what is actually at the root of their health problems. Many times it is due to a virus. Hope this information helps. The more information you have the better. His website is: medicalmedium.com and you can access his radio shows from there.
Alisa ARIEVNA -Berkovich
My ICU stay was one week and for broken neck .....was very comfortable, though huh
Gabriela Ramírez Zanon Ghovatto
I think it's so crazy that my country does lumbar punctures without anesthetic, I've had the procedure done thrice and it hurts like a bitch xD
Jessi Lee
I’m sorry for your experience. I truly am. Thank you for sharing.
leigh bolt
Hope you feel better, Katy.
So glad your starting to feel better you should watch mishagrimes video on Lyme diesase , hope your back to your normal self soon
All the beast in your recovery. Wishing you good health and more time for rest and relaxation in your future 🤗
I hope everything will get better from now on!! 😞💖💖💖💖💖💖
Nita's Niche
I've dealt with chronic lyme disease for the last almost 14 years. Find a lyme literate dr because most doctors, even infectious disease doctors don't really know about lyme disease even if they say they do. It's a very misunderstood disease. And most drs don't treat it properly. Tests for lyme disease are unreliable. And many people go years undiagnosed because their tests come back "negative" and doctors say they're fine. I went 10 years not knowing what was wrong with me, going from dr to dr to dr with no answers 'til i finally went to a lyme literate dr. A couple good resources are ilads.org and the book "How Can I Get Better" by Dr. Horowitz. There's also lyme disease support groups on facebook with some good info. One big mistake that most drs do is not treat the disease long enough, just 2 or 3 weeks of antibiotics, but that's not enough. Hope you get proper treatment and get healed and don't have to deal with it chronically!
Caitlyn Whalley
I have Chronic Lyme Disease. I’m really hoping you were diagnosed early and you make a full recovery!
Madison Courtney
Wow I said to myself, Lyme disease does weird things when you first said waking up with numbness and feeling run down and looks like going to school is paying off. Wishing you well and a swift recovery 🌷
Joelle Anna
Love you Katy!! Thank you for being so vulnerable. I'll be praying for you to be comforted during your PTSD and to continue healing. ❤️
Stephanie Lake
Wow you went through so much. It's amazing how strong you are. I think sometimes in life we are given these obstacles to help us become more compassionate towards those who are ill (or have other problems), to help us grow as a person, and perhaps somehow give back even more to the community. Thank your for sharing your story, I know it can help so many. Sending you much love & positive energy to get better asap!!💕💕💕
I went through the same with the lumbar punction and I was one month on bed crying my heart out and I couldn't move, or do something else that wasn't sleep and being high on medicines.
I feel you girl! You are so brave just by going through all of that,💜💜💜💜
Sydney Koloski
Feel better!!
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COLLEGE ROOMMATE HORROR STORY: I was hospitalized. 1 day ago   21:33

Wassup y'all! Today I am spilling the tea on my college roommate horror story time. Im telling y'all about them trying to fight my BFF, jump me, and the PLOT TWIST that caused it all. Hope you enjoy!


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