Young People Strike Against Students across the globe to skip 1 day ago   29:24

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SCHOOL CLIMATE STRIKE: Young people are staging a school walk-out in Paris as part of a ‘global strike for the future’ over the climate crisis. Hundreds of thousands of children and young people in more than 1,400 cities are planning to participate today in what are expected to be the largest youth strikes of their kind, the Guardian reports.
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James Shelburn
Pourquoi n'y a-t-il pas de traduction ou de sous-titrage?
Andi San
All these clueless zombies 😂
Seven Ellen
Go vegan! Watch Cowspiracy and you'll learn why it's so connected to climate change - If you personally want to make a big difference to climate change and feel powerful as a young voter, vote with your wallets by buying plant-based foods. GO VEGAN. It is the only future!
Romeo Leo
Climate Change is not real ! It wont stop rainy here in California just another scam to get more tax money !
Lawrence Smith
It is noble that youth stands up for change, nothing wrong with that.
Regardless of whether climate is a natural process or man made construct due to greenhouse production, we must all become good stewards of the earth.
Saying that does not change the fact mother nature is in charge, always has been and there is little man can do to alter natural cycles of climate change which have been repeating themselves over thousands of years.
Perhaps whats required is a consciousness shift, a symbionic response to our human concerns?
Past ice ages, the dust bowl of the 1930's, the dark ages; explain them away.
All cyclical, our solar cycles,
Those particular facts are what they are...unfortunately.
Be Be The Hamster
Hi I was there too!
Too bad most can't vote yet, but they can sure make a raucous! Vive la révolution!
Side note: French citizens are automatically registered to vote on reaching the age of 18.
US citizens and male immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, must register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Voter registration, meh, not so much emphasis, because freedom.
Go protest against china
Women are causing destruction of society with their feelings. Can't wait till they're all raped after importing muslims everywhere
Jane D
Immigrants destroy 3 million acres of land every year just building themselves homes, be green, go green, help save the planet, support and vote Trump 2020
Ben Roberts
It is the Rockefeller's who were the original monopoly oil barons who want you to believe in man made climate change the most. It is not the energy monopoly shill that opposes the absurdity of climate change. It is ordinary independent thinking researchers into the "New World Order" who question climate change the most!!!!
Ben Roberts
Has not the climate always changed for as long as the earth existed? Why protest that which is totally natural and an intrinsic part of the natural world? Those who tell you to protest climate change only want to control your mind, emotions, and eventually soul. Question everything especially that which the social engineers think is important. You know this climate change thing is bogus when it's name was changed from global warming to the now meme of climate change. Don't be so easily fooled by the liars all around you in this sea of lies we call this dimension!!!!
Lounge lizard
Such brave kids and such hateful comments by greedy fossil fuel shills.
Faizan A
boomers are the cancer that is killing this earth
Diana Monroe
These people are supposrting The N.W.O & dont ev3n see it. Agenda2030 Anyways my friends Jesus Christ is the way the truth & the life & no one can get to the Father except by Jesus. Repent (myself included everyday) Believe jesus Died and rose again for you & be born again (baptised) all are welcome to the kingdom.
luisa carrillo
Bravo!!!! Speak up!!!! Enough is enough!!!
Lew 286
Let’s be honest these kids just want a day off school
William Baker
Now imagine if they all went and cleaned up large areas of that city of trash, planted a bunch of trees... etc

No why do that when you can March "all while leaving loads of star bucks cups behind" or pushing the like button online.
Author GCP
Go vegan = save the planet
Charlotte Katakuri
Muh climate change!
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Students across the globe to skip Young People Strike Against 1 day ago   03:59

Students across America are expected to skip class Friday in the first national school strike over climate change. Similar demonstrations have already swept through Europe and Australia. Friday's protests are planned for more than 130 cities in the U.S. and about 90 countries worldwide. Tony Dokoupil reports.

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