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Cats Will Rule The World forever
Did anyone else notice Jojos mom being a narcissistic bitch in the beginning. Just asking
Jaslene Reyes
The moms were being rude
vale.e_e :3
a 40 year old bullying a 11 year old. wow
Ammanda Syltie
I thought she was Cathy's
Ammanda Syltie
Cathy's nice how dare abby call Cathy sanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa Brady
She’s horrible to Brynn
rachel ditchburn
yadiels mom is so stupid
chloe tan
Sonia Jacob
Felp burning-no need to be mean they are just making a ponit
Joe Leid
Abby's hair is longer
Ano Noure
I hate her too
Brandi Billock
3:40 . Ashley: The way she said " Jess is such a BITCH." I LOVE how she said it. It makes me smile EVERY -----TIME! XD
Fatimah Kamara
I like that the girls were so quick to defend Brynn
How do people make up Good memes?
She lied on national television. Well guess what Ponochio? You got caught!! Now everyone hates you, good job. 🙃😒
TheFluffiestRainbow Channel
I really like this dance, it’s a shame that there was all this pressure before the performance 😕
Layla Marie
That mom is a bitch like why the fuck would she lie
Natasha P
Natasha P
Ridiculous that the Mum lied so unfair to Brynn you can’t do that to another child...anyway this solo was amazing it would have been a shame if they didn’t perform it...
This was my fav duet from dance moms besides black swan
Julie van den Hoven
Brynn looks sooooo good in yellow😍
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Dance Moms: Dance Digest Dance Moms | Brynn's Duet 5 months ago   05:00

Check out the development of "Just Be" from practice to performance in this Dance Digest from Season 3, Episode 37, "Gone Abby Gone".
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