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charis keee
pls get some fitting pants:')
Loraine And Selly
If Jess is there it’s a living nightmare for Brynn’s mom when Jess is not there it’s heaven
Lexi Koukash
That mum is a liar
Christina's World
She lied to make her child look good
Eat more gluten
Because of the drama poor Brynn already looked defeated when she went on stage. Yadriels mom is a bitch
Caitlin Brayne
Why would she lie about that to the other mums!! Poor Brynn she never did anything wrong!
Rashmi Patel
There was no mishap, the boys mom lied and said that Brynn didn't want to dance to get out of trouble for not doing the dance
Ebony Smith
mariel shut up now your son said that
Amazingly ok
Bryyn is so kind sometimes but this not a dance appropriate for a 12 year old
Alyssa Scafetta
that mom is a fricking liar and she just lied to get brynn in to trouble thats just tude and disrespectful i love brynn💕
Clean And Seal Southwest
The whinnie And Charlotte show
I don’t like how nia is barely showcased in dance moms she’s a kind person and she’s a really good dancer!
Sombra The BOSS
LOL when I saw Jill in the audience she was jealous
Jessalyn irritates me like no other...she is literally only concerned about her 5 year old looking daughter
Leanah Marie Sumagaysay
Brynn reminds me of peyton list somehow
art crafts and more by sisi
I feel bad 4 brynn jess is so mean uhhhhhh
E&K The weirdos
Is the mum a professional liar? Or is it that she is so bitchy she blames Brynn? What the actual frog (or whatever that bitche's name was)
Jennifer Low
I feel so bad for Brynn I would also cry if I was in her position
Rajesh Kurubar
Someone say:-
What are we waiting for
Me :-
RubyMackz _
I think it's just pathetic to think that that boys mom decided to lie to defend her kid! Like how old are you?!
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Dance Moms: Dance Digest Dance Moms | Brynn's Duet 3 months ago   05:00

Check out the development of "Just Be" from practice to performance in this Dance Digest from Season 3, Episode 37, "Gone Abby Gone".
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