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Evie Whitehead
That boy is a wimp
Marianella Velasco
I love dance moms
Hana Phelps
I actually got. Chills!!!
Hana Phelps
Uhhhh yaddys mom fucking lied. No one twisted. She lieddd
Janina Rychel
I hate brynn
Sūnßet Śkïės! :3
Ashley: the “MOMS” are saying “Blah blah”
The moms didn’t say was only the boys mother
Aobha Lynch
The tea in this episode is boiling hot tbh , great ☝️
Brook Eh
That fricken mom flat out lied to Abby and get moms, because her son was to scared to dance.
I like how quick the girls were to defend Brynn though
Ferb Earny
The moms are the biggest bitches to brynn
Puppy Heart
I really don’t get how people think it’s smart to lie in front of a camera... like seriously? It takes two seconds to rewind it and play the actual clip 😂😂
Reema Gealon
Delilah Dangerfield
I love the end and I was go be so nervous to dance because I was go forget what I was supposed to do😑😑😑
My name is Jeffrey ;D
1:48 the Mom dodn’t twist the words, his mother said that to make his son not look bad🤦🏽‍♀️
TheUltra Unicorn
jessalyn and jill are evil
Sammy Land
When Brynns mom said they look tougher than they look, that is a lie. Brynn is a little baby.
omg dayana
Sydney Breaux
The boys mom was so mean saying that to the camera
LUCY Cartwright
We all saw that the mom lied to make her dumb stupid son look better she is just a b****
Dah Cringe
Ashlee: brynn and I are tougher than we look
Me: that better be true because I don’t think brynn looks that tough
Magic Maty
Honestly, all the moms are so jealous of Brynn, and so mean of them to attack and gossip about her like teenagers
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