Harvard i-lab | Startup Secrets: Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky | Full 7 months ago   1:51:36

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A disruptive business model is as powerful as a disruptive product or technology. Learn how innovators apply C.O.R.E differentiation, multipliers, and levers to disrupt the market. Find out about "SLIPPERY" products. Connect the dots between building a great product and creating a profitable enterprise.

This session also features case studies from Acquia, FormLabs, Diagnostics for All, and Opex Engine.

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I think everybody is smart enough!!!
Yusuf Uzun
I watched the full video and I can say overall the information was very substantial. It shows not only the work itself enough, also you must create a good SM channel for the company.
S. Thym
Nick / Greg
Can someone explain the crazy mustache joke around 49:35?
Sergiu Popescu
Some people pay for this, others watch it for free on Youtube.
It all comes down how much do you want it and if you are willing to put the appropriate steps to achieve it.
Haha Drupal? Seriously? Professional organizations don't use Drupal.
Smith Peters

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Smith Peters
Naram Sin
48:28 drupal is apparently so popular, that it's userbase comprises of all 195 countries on Earth, including those 43 states in the fairy realm xD -- Chief Fairy Officer of Acquia
Elisson Eliphat
Elisson Eliphat
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susanta majhi
any one can translate in hindi language...thanks
Taylor Gavinchuk
the amount of value in these videos are INSANE! awesome stuff
Ian Rust
So you're the guy responsible for Norton and openly admit it's a trojan horse...
Kate North
what about business models for regular real world businesses like stores, manufacturing, catering etc?
First cs50 and now this!! This is great, amazing knowledge! Thank you for making it available. Greetings from Perú.
Beaz InToronto
Why doesn't he want to touch the mike? The speakers don't know what to do with it but he just avoid them!
Chris Namaste
Dupal is "bigger" than linux. Ha ha ha. Metrics lie and liars use metrics....
Kevin Pickard
Gemein Hardd
funny how even though i have access to i-lab, i still prefer watching the videos at my own pace
Kennedy Ndwiga
been following the series, great information
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Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky | Full Harvard i-lab | Startup Secrets: 7 months ago   34:24

Recode's Kara Swisher and Dan Frommer interview Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky onstage at the 2018 Code Conference about how he's grown as a CEO, why Airbnb won't leave New York and the platform's "zero tolerance" policy for hate speech.

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