Unluckiest Moments in Sports History Best Celebrating TOO EARLY Fails! 11 months ago   06:02

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Still have no idea what happened in the first one. No replay, so I guess we’re not supposed to know.
Lee McDonald
That seagull must be thinking "MINE!"
worthy life
must add newzeland England world cup incidence
Ajith Aji
5.30 bird scene so funny
Ed Far
That seagull is a pet of his opponent.
Blue Marley
*Plax* really shot himself in the foot there😬
That ball to the balls is goddamn hilarious, i know it hurt like a bitch, it sure did, but still, hilarious
VSM Bros
0:40 greatest play I have ever seen to help the other team!
ammar adnan
Where is maxwell hit on the spider cam
Rutul Thorat
Baseball is not a technical game
Sehajveer Singh
Cricket is also international game
**Golf ball few inches away from hole**
Golfer: _sees seagull coming_
Also golfer *I fear no man, but that thing, it haunts me.*
Sdzx Sdzx
Cory Reeves
Cory Reeves
Samuel Wallace
This video was good until the obnoxiously loud shit music spammed into my ears at the end, thanks idiot
Umer Hayat
Include the 2019 CW2019 final
Kamran Khan
How was the football unlucky? It was a stupid own goal. Also it was pre season you dummy. You're clearly American.
Tommy Guo
Seagull must belong to opponent
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Best Celebrating TOO EARLY Fails! Unluckiest Moments in Sports History 11 months ago   07:31

A supercut of the best celebrating too early moments.