"I gave him what he deserved!" Jorge UFC Summer Press Conference Highlights 1 week ago   04:44

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Jorge Masvidal spoke to Caroline Pearce (http://instagram.com/carolinepearce) about his record-breaking knock-out of Ben Askren, after he got the win within five seconds at #UFC239.

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Mike Fedele
All glory is fleeting
Deividas Davailis
BT sports hires not only a cutie but also a person capable to do a good job.
Enrique Hernandez
Ben got served by Robbie , he had no business in there with Jorge masvidal .
Dafydd Johnson
every masvidal vid with a fast foods ad in it lmfao!
anothony peterson
Should be great fight vs Usman-but I think Usman's the best Welterweight in the World,now that GSP is gone again.
Jean-Claude Dancing
Gamebred could have probably put this lady to sleep too that night..if ya catch my drift
Ammi Aguilar
Bruh I saw this guy on Exatlon estados unidos a few months ago 😁
Oliver xoxo
Its a bit too early to say masvidal is better than askren ..both are very charismatic fighters ..... ..there will be a rematch ..and i cant await it...and i like both ..but i think masvidal is a bit more complete...
Peter Snow
It was actually done in 3 seconds but Jorge wanted to break his face for good measure
Miriam Rosa
God blessed ya safe by grace protected from all evil millions blessings to ya god loves ya
Ben fan here, am not even a fight fan but bens always gonna be a better human than this thug
King George
I don’t like this guy ther is no rispect between fighters anymore soo this is sport?
Samora Yeboah
Man should change his name to "Been Asskicked!"
Leopard Bra Brado
Marty is 😦
clyde mccullough
This guy is a stand up guy!!
Ice Man
Officer: Jorge put your hands behind your ba..

Officer: Put them out where I can see them 😂
Charming nowhere to hide
Hey! I loved the video!!
Deep hug
I was hoping the ref tripped on the way
Rock girl
He's my hero. Ain't no guy gonna put my face in their crouch
He's my hero. Ain't no guy gonna put my face in their crouch
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UFC Summer Press Conference Highlights "I gave him what he deserved!" Jorge 1 week ago   09:35