"I gave him what he deserved!" Jorge UFC Summer Press Conference Highlights 3 months ago   04:44

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Jorge Masvidal spoke to Caroline Pearce (http://instagram.com/carolinepearce) about his record-breaking knock-out of Ben Askren, after he got the win within five seconds at #UFC239.

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xo srr
Let me fight u 100,000 on it
Drew Jenkins
*VIEWERS* - "Someone deal with this"
*MASVIDAL* - "Ima do what ya'll Ben Askren for "
Christian The Man aka -Loki-LL
I Ben Askren for the best motivational video in the world, I see it's only 5 seconds long..
Andy aka Rudolf Hessiansack
MGM grand buffet to the face! 🤕🤕🤕
Esteban H
Love this interview.
pauly shore
Unfuckable white guys were mad asl when this happened, they were rooting for Askren
Fabo Andolini
Yo Jorge 100% could have pulled that chick and any other woman that saw his performance, even without the performance I'm sure he could 😂🤷🏾‍♂️....pause.
Scientist Albert Einstein
Why is everyone fighting about the time it took him to KO him?
The real time was 2.000256254612 seconds
Never knew people became status after a knockout
Crouching Knee , Leaping Jorge !!!
Al Flores
Ben look for a different carrier bro jajajajajajajajajajajaajj
We all know Jorge tapped clearly while askren was performing a rare type of meditation Jutsu mid fight causing his opponent to tap.
michael Castle
“Goodness gracious, she’s an annnimmmmalll”
Maximus Meridius
I’m here for Caroline pierce
mr gwanson
leon edwards will be champion in a year or two imo
Was she in gladiators?
Paul Vascones
I want that blonde to put her face in my crotch...
Did she just call him Jorge at 0:01
Santino Rocco
This hyped up greasy rat will get what’s coming

It unbelievable two fight win streak and he thinks he is in the P4P
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UFC Summer Press Conference Highlights "I gave him what he deserved!" Jorge 3 months ago   09:35