How I Modified My Car To OVER 900hp! 850 HP Katech C7 Corvette Z06 - POV Test Drive 12 months ago   05:41

Cleetus McFarland
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As you guys know the C7 just recently made 841 horsepower to the tires... that's well over 900 crank horsepower! I've never done a detailed video on my modifications until now, so hopefully you guys enjoy! This car is one baaaaaaaad bald eagle machine!

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But what us the 0-60????
Eric Warren
Fckking sweet!!!
ur 4' 10"
UKidz P s 4
Teacher_of_ the_Arcane
So, you're mixing methanol and gasoline to power the car. How do you do this without messing up the O2 sensor, the MAP settings , and so on ???
Ashley Simmons
Need more of this on the channel. Cleetus is smart tho look at the views not pushing his business forward.
Skualo Nunez
Why did you choose supercharger and not turbos
When you made 841whp wss that with nitrous?
How many pounds of boost are you or did you run with stock internals?
I'm making just under 600whp with stock internals, 9lbs of boost and no meth. I'm looking to make more power but worried about the stock pistons and fueling
Azrai Ismail
nitrous lmao
My god that's loud
Sushi Sashimi
I need to get my c7 to over 900 hp to race against my uncle's SR20.
Love watching your stuff man! Funny as hell and down to earth!
Nate McElroy
exactly what I would do to the c7 to customize, why spend what 100G on the top of the line corvette wen u could get a grand sport or what not an boost it. then as u said came intake an a good set of tires. only thing I would do different is no nitrous an id get that bigger Aero packAge spoiler the one the zo6 comes with I do believe but other then that yeah that's exactly what I'd do indeed
ST Productions
All I can say is cool.
was that on 93 pump gas?
Raul Camacho
Are we still waiting for the parts ? Cz March was 2 months ago and I haven’t seen this car hit 1200 hp
Golden Toe
What cam is it?
Danimal Savage
classic vid
Adam Hack
Where's the new motor at?!?!?
Aldin Kovacevic
This is a C7 Corvette Stingray, right?
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850 HP Katech C7 Corvette Z06 - POV Test Drive How I Modified My Car To OVER 900hp! 12 months ago   21:39

Tonight we take you for a ride in Jason Harding’s 2015 Katech Corvette C7 Z06/Z07 1LZ
Horsepower: 850
Torque: 840
Fuel: E85
M1 Concourse lap time: 1:12.67

Instagram: @Katech_Inc

Katech Stage 4 engine package featuring:
Halltech Stinger RZ carbon fiber air intake system
Katech 103mm throttle body
Katech ported supercharger/snout
Katech CNC ported heads
LPE GT35 camshaft
C5-R timing chain
PAC springs
Katech titanium valve spring retainers (intake)
Katech AFM delete valley cover
GM High Speed lifters
Supercharger pulley
ATI damper/supercharger drive pulley
ARP head studs
160 degree thermostat
Katech fuel system with twin 350lph Deatchwerks pumps
Katech flex fuel conversion
Katech cast aluminum valve covers powdercoated bright red
Katech coil relocation kitMSD spark plug wiresBrisk Spark Plugs

American Racing 2” headers
Corsa Sport mufflers with black diamond tip

TIKT heat exchanger system
Twin heat exchangers in the corners of the fascia
Carbon fiber grille bezel and ducts
Screened outlets in the wheelhouse liner
Two independent circuits of cooling with individual pumps
Pump override switch
Two surge tanks hidden under the fenders
Dewitts radiatorTIKT oil coolerKatech carbon fiber radiator exit duct

Katech LT4 lightweight flywheelOEM clutchStock transmission/differential

Stock Magnetic Selective Ride Control
DSC Sport suspension controller

OEM Z07 carbon ceramic 15.5”/6 piston front, 15”/4 piston rearCarbotech XP10 front pads, OEM rearTIKT brake cooling ducts

Katech KT1 forged 19x10 & 20x12 in satin black
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires 285/30R19 & 335/25R20
Katech titanium lug nuts

TIKT carbon fiber front splitter with race under tray
Katech carbon fiber stage 3 splitter end plates
Katech carbon fiber splitter wickers
Katech carbon fiber side skirts
Katech carbon fiber spoiler
TIKT carbon fiber wing
Katech carbon fiber rear diffuser with strakes
ZL1 Add Ons front tow hook

1LZ trim levelCompetition seats
Alcantara steering wheel/shifter

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