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An Islamic State prisoner for nine months, Masoud Aqil from Syria was released in September 2015. Today Masoud lives in Germany - and is restless.

In early 2016, a young Kurd named Masoud Aqil arrived in Germany after having fled Syria along the Balkan Route. And he brought valuable information with him -- about IS terrorists who’d also come to Europe the same way. Having been imprisoned and tortured by IS for nine months, he is willing to pass this information on to the German authorities.

Video journalist Masoud Aqil and his colleague Farhad Hamo were on their way to an assignment in December 2014 when they were apprehended by armed jihadis and held for 280 days. They were tortured and interrogated. Aqil and Farhad had been reporting for a Kurdish television network in neighboring Iraq since 2013. In September 2015, Aqil was released to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in a prisoner exchange. Now in Germany, Masoud Aqil is prepared to do what many refugees are afraid to do: talk about IS. He lives in an undisclosed location in Germany. Once a victim at the hands of terrorists, he is now a terrorist hunter. Using both the internet and information acquired through contacts in the Kurdish community and the YPG, Aqil tracks down IS supporters, some of whom he encountered during his captivity. Because they assumed the young Kurd would eventually be killed, many of his captors spoke openly to him. "They sent informants to me to prove the power of their organization," says Aqil. "They showed me newspaper articles and videos from western media outlets reporting on the growing threat posed by IS. They were proud." Today, some of those perpetrators live in refugee hostels in Europe. Masoud Aqil has reported them to the German authorities.

"These people took my home, my homeland, my dreams from me," Aqil said. But in Germany, he is still confronted with terrorists. He considers it his responsibility to do what he can to curb their influence in Europe. By giving Aqil the chance to reveal his story, from working as Kurdish cameraman in northeastern Syria to being imprisoned and tortured in IS prisons and eventually becoming a terrorist hunter in Germany, DW correspondent Frank Hofmann makes clear just how invaluable information provided by refugees can be in the fight against terrorists.

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zerototal energy
how aggression (against non muslims)is justified in islam :
Quran (17:16) - "And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction." Note that the crime is moral transgression, and the punishment is "utter destruction." (Before ordering the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden first issued Americans an invitation to Islam)
the fruits of immigration
Mike Borelli
at last, a good and proper doc in pretty much every way.
Paul Jameson
Am i the only one who hears siri talking about syria?
Fazal Khan
Massoud is a fool .. he could have takwn some clever steps . But even kurds are terrorists ..
Peter schon
They need to be sent back to Syrian and stand trial, against the Syrian people. Europe needs to wake up p Real fast.
Made in USA
Ugly truth
America, Israel and England are making this trend
In 1945 when they supported and founded Wahhabism: and they were given money for oil in the Arabian Gulf
Hate in true Islam and destroyed: Kingdom of Hijaz: on the Red Sea. It is not part of the Arabian Gulf.
History does not lie and now is the time of the harvest of the United Nations planted from: Wahhabism: the Middle East
Wahhabi origin of the "Arabian Gulf" and their terrorist tides supported by England, America, Israel and oil money.
This chaos has been the responsibility of the British Kingdom and its involvement in the Middle East since 1945 and the divisions of Sykes Pico ............................................................................................. .......
thank you .
Yes yes all Muslims good Muslims.
Until you look at the rape statistics in Sweden and Germany.
Thomas .D
anyone else willing to join a non religious organization dedicated to the pursuit of science and human progress? we can all get together and find a way to leave this shitty planet behind and go to mars or Saturn's moon; titan. leave religion behind and anyone who believes in it.
Swagata Mondal
Stubborn European
Chris Moeller
Stop protecting these men by hiding their faces!
Ronojoy Basu
The trauma psychologist's eyes are traumatising
Easy to fix. Give all refugees a lie detector test
Todd Meyers
I retired from The Navy. I am a Graduate of The Naval Academy. I became a Navy SEAL, I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times. I was involved in many missions to capture or kill talaban fighters that killed US Service members. Unfortunately I was injured a month after The deadly mission that killed nineteen Navy SEALS in the mountains in northern Afghanistan. They were the guys from Operation Red Wings and left survivor Marcus’s Lettrell to become The Lone Survivor. He wrote a book and a movie was made from that fight. I got a medical discharged due to the injuries i received. I don’t have any problems with what i did there or what i did. I had no feelings of killing them. I did it to help the people of Afghanistan and the world of The Talaban and Al-Qqudah.
Xs Xs
USA tortures people in Abu Grhaib, Guantanamo, and countless “black sites” in other countries such as Romania, Poland. Based on that psychologist assessing, USA is a totalitarian state.
Gregory Hamlet
We are all being played in one way or another. In a million years why would the governments not be fighting for information from these people. The whole thing stinks. We Europeans are paying a fortune in taxes to our intelligent agency's to make sure Europe stays save and they are telling us they are doing everything possible. Here they have a great source of easy information and are doing nothing..
lailatul istiqomah
please do not easily believe with the media that says bad image of Islam .. all Muslims of the world know the media always spread the image of Islam is hunted even called terrorist. it's all not true. The proof is that Islam continues to grow throughout the world
An IS Fighter gets to live in Switzerland? Oh you used to throw rocks at babies? Here's a home in paradise.
Tae Vancity
Justin Trudeau only helps rich syria people and they all living better life than real Canadians. The reason he helped em bcuz he wants em to vote for him. That’s that
Troy Pollonais
Approximately 4,000 IS members and their families were allowed to leave Raqqa as part of a deal that was inked. There was a convoy that was approximately 3 kilometers long. Their demeanor was not that of a defeated force, but that of a conquering army. As they poured out of Raqqa leaving their destruction behind, they were covered/escorted by coalition air power. They proudly displayed their weapons and promised beheadings to the supporters of the fsa and its allies. You would think that they would have at least made a list of people's names and families if they couldn't take individual pictures of these so called supporters of islam, knowing that they will continue their love affair with hatred of humanity...
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Nero (1/2) - has history been From Islamic State victim 2 days ago   42:26

The Roman emperor Nero has gone down in history as a crazed tyrant. But was he really the cruel monster the history books make him out to be? [Online until: 29.08.2018]

Watch Part 2 here:

Nero became the victim of ancient chroniclers who belonged to the upper class. They took revenge on an emperor who deprived the elite. Emperor Nero — a monster, a tyrant. But are the stories really true? These days, a reinterpretation of his reign, from 54-68 A.D. is gaining traction. Nero is believed to have murdered his mother, power-mad Agrippina. But according to one theory, their relationship had become so fraught that having her killed seemed like the only way the system of dynastic politics could be brought to end. In this documentary, the crime is reappraised and the figure of Nero reconsidered. From today's point of view, he was a ruler who defied the Patricians' definition of a good ruler, but not for the reasons the history books have always had us believe. They were angered by his artistic ambitions, his rejection of bloody gladiator battles and resistance to aggressive expansion. In hindsight, Nero was perhaps a man with humanistic beliefs who was ahead of his time.

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