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From Islamic State Victim | Jihad 101 - Taliban Basic Training - At Up-Tube.com

From Islamic State victim Jihad 101 - Taliban basic training 3 months ago   28:26

DW Documentary
An Islamic State prisoner for nine months, Masoud Aqil from Syria was released in September 2015. Today Masoud lives in Germany - and is restless.

In early 2016, a young Kurd named Masoud Aqil arrived in Germany after having fled Syria along the Balkan Route. And he brought valuable information with him -- about IS terrorists who’d also come to Europe the same way. Having been imprisoned and tortured by IS for nine months, he is willing to pass this information on to the German authorities.

Video journalist Masoud Aqil and his colleague Farhad Hamo were on their way to an assignment in December 2014 when they were apprehended by armed jihadis and held for 280 days. They were tortured and interrogated. Aqil and Farhad had been reporting for a Kurdish television network in neighboring Iraq since 2013. In September 2015, Aqil was released to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in a prisoner exchange. Now in Germany, Masoud Aqil is prepared to do what many refugees are afraid to do: talk about IS. He lives in an undisclosed location in Germany. Once a victim at the hands of terrorists, he is now a terrorist hunter. Using both the internet and information acquired through contacts in the Kurdish community and the YPG, Aqil tracks down IS supporters, some of whom he encountered during his captivity. Because they assumed the young Kurd would eventually be killed, many of his captors spoke openly to him. "They sent informants to me to prove the power of their organization," says Aqil. "They showed me newspaper articles and videos from western media outlets reporting on the growing threat posed by IS. They were proud." Today, some of those perpetrators live in refugee hostels in Europe. Masoud Aqil has reported them to the German authorities.

"These people took my home, my homeland, my dreams from me," Aqil said. But in Germany, he is still confronted with terrorists. He considers it his responsibility to do what he can to curb their influence in Europe. By giving Aqil the chance to reveal his story, from working as Kurdish cameraman in northeastern Syria to being imprisoned and tortured in IS prisons and eventually becoming a terrorist hunter in Germany, DW correspondent Frank Hofmann makes clear just how invaluable information provided by refugees can be in the fight against terrorists.

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Why do these people need snackbars so badly?
Alden Buyer
When people say "moderate muslims need to do more to stand up against radical muslims," Masoud Aqil is the example.
yasmani martinez
I admire the kurds, they are reasonable and civilized people, they prosper and live quality lives plus they fight to protect themselves, everyone should help them.
Religion is a disease.
danger dako jatt robin hood 6 Singh
Thanks Germany for anti tank missiles
danger dako jatt robin hood 6 Singh
What indian govt doing . Common India let's help Kurds whatever we could . Hey brother if u have guys who educated and can fly jets we can train u can give u old migs which we need to dispose we can give to u for air support . Lettle help is enough .
danger dako jatt robin hood 6 Singh
Brother i m from India and with you .any help u want you can call me .i am well trained x Para from Indian army . Any help u need just buzz me . For evil terrorists i m always there
So hot..
Anthony Cox
well done that MAN .🙈🙉🙊
Sumayo Gele
This #1 bullshit this man he looks not toured at all to me no offense tho
skylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders
you see what you get when you open up your doors wth no screening,in many instances i do a risk assessment and if i were to do on muslms as a whole risk verses reward i seriously gotta say its all rsk and NO reward, non whatsoever.
really so dash had no part in this war, they are the children of dash/isis, not the children of USA, where do you see US-troops on the ground only arabs and Africans like Sudan Egypt Libya And Syria even muslims from the west joined dash/isis, you should know that the Syrians are returning to rebuild their country strange enough none of them blame the USA for the shit they all blame Dash/isis and they of all should know this shows the ignorance and naivety of the Europeans, the Syrians returning back are reporting why they left, they say that those ppl they fled from are here in the EU soon we will pay for our gov’t stupidity and wilfully ignorance, WE ARE DOOMED
Matir Manush
Masoud is telling that he was tortured. We have seen many victims of IS but Masoud does not look like them. Masoud looks quite OK. His hands are no cut, his fingers are not broken, his teeth are not uprooted, his eyes are not blinded, his legs are not broken, his face is not disfigured, his neck is not twisted. There is no sign of torture on him. We don't know if he has any scar of beating on his body. If he had any prominent scar because of torturing by the IS he would have shown this. Masoud's story is not reliable. We believe this guy is just a liar.
Grupo Bayan
Go after ISIS. Save the good, law abiding and respected Muslims
Meurig Davies
The 'Populist Protests' were polular with the CIA, when the 'protesters' brought guns + started shooting the unarmed Police.
Ari Riyadh
If muslims put in as much effort studying science and maths as they do studying that dumbass book the Quran they wouldn't have lives of such misery.
Imagine ruining a decent documentary with garbage stock soundeffects from a 6th grader's hobby horror movie
zerototal energy
how aggression (against non muslims)is justified in islam :
Quran (17:16) - "And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction." Note that the crime is moral transgression, and the punishment is "utter destruction." (Before ordering the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden first issued Americans an invitation to Islam)
the fruits of immigration
Sooner Orlater
at last, a good and proper doc in pretty much every way.
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Jihad 101 - Taliban basic training From Islamic State victim 3 months ago   12:07

Darul Uloom Haqqania – Pakistan's oldest and best-known Islamic religious seminary, or madrassa. It's been preaching a hard-line interpretation of Islam since 1947.

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