5 facts showing Gulen's involvement Turkey failed coup attempt: 4 months ago   05:36

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On July 15, 2016 a faction within the Turkish army attempted to overthrow the government. The citizens of Turkey stood up against the coup plotters and managed to prevent them from fully executing their plan. The Turkish citizens and government have since held Fethullah Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile in the US, and the Gulen movement responsible for orchestrating the coup attempt.

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Eric Smith
Who cares
Jamal Ivan
I am from Bangladesh and I support Mr. Erdogoen, enemy of Turkey involved for this coup.
Open Paranormal
haha what aload of state sponsored crap and shame on youtube, this was just a stunt by erDOG to gain complete control and jail his enemies (although gullen was once erdogs best friend) and now you see turkey today maybe you realise. enjoy your dictatorship.
Felix von Montfort
Blue Sky
Russia saved Erdogan’s life but he stabbed Putin in the back.
Apon Siddique
That why Americans are Satans
Kamal Dunputh
The Mossad, CIA planned to overthrow President Erdogan and set up a puppet government with Gulen as head of state.Gulen is a traitor and should face justice in Turkey for his crimes.
hujjatullah sahib
The Muslim world is totally deceived when it comes to true Islam. Especially, after the successful Iranian revolution of 1979 the highly paniced international enemies of Islam got active in either launching or bracing up anew fake Islamic movements or organizations all over the Muslim world.

Thus, "Islamic" entities like the "Muslim" Brotherhood, Jamaati "Islami", Sisters in "Islam" and the like either were launched or got re-energized simply to decapitate the true Islamic conscience that is reviving within Muslim societies all across the world.

Often these fake Islamic organizations are headed by either power-crazy lay Muslims or quack Muslims who are merely functioning under the payroll or at the behest of Islam-hostile foreign powers or sponsors.

Their main purpose is to cut off the Islamically-reviving Muslim societies from being responsibly and competently led by their truely-qualified and pious Ulemas and Islamic scholars.

Often even normal mosque commitees are headed by these power-focused mercenery Islamist who have nothing to do with Islamic piety whatsoever in reality ! See how the power of true Islam is causing diarrhea across the Islam-hostile world ! !
Iftikhar Khan
Full of lies
long live turkey from Somalia thanks so much for the help may you be rewarded once we get a stable country together we should become strong allies
Yeah this coup was supported by US 100%...the scum are protecting that terrorist now...
Bart Versteege
this is not proof
how does the wolf get near the sheep? by wearing their clothes.
Jamaal Cabdullahi
I think now the US should exchange him with THE PASTOR
Khosraw Wahidi
Turkish people give their lives for country
proud people stay strong
And those criminals and cowards will hide and blame it on someone else
Richard Dekker
Where is the proof. Its a total fabrication.
Safi Hanif
Therefore, if you are a muslim, please have a look on what the opposite side. This is the Quranic imperative.
Safi Hanif
Those who cast aspersions on innocent people without having knowledge about their moslem brothers will have a difficult account on judgement day.
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Turkey failed coup attempt: 5 facts showing Gulen's involvement 4 months ago   03:01

Now almost a week since the failed coup a clearer picture is starting to emerge of what happened.
According to the government's preliminary investigation, top ranking military leaders and the Intelligence Chief learnt of the coup plot just hours before it happened, forcing the plotters to bring their attempted overthrow by at least six hours.

Al Jazeera’s Mereana Hond reports.

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