5 facts showing Gulen's involvement Turkey Coup Attempt: How The Night 4 months ago   05:36

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On July 15, 2016 a faction within the Turkish army attempted to overthrow the government. The citizens of Turkey stood up against the coup plotters and managed to prevent them from fully executing their plan. The Turkish citizens and government have since held Fethullah Gulen, who lives in self-imposed exile in the US, and the Gulen movement responsible for orchestrating the coup attempt.
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Jacob Waffle
Everyone that’s not liking this are Gulenist, and terrorists.
geert konings
geert konings
Kim Jong Un
No USA no problems. Kill or throw out americans - and your country is safe
You cia did this etc people are nuts. We are allies.
He looks like the Swedish chef
V for Velskud
murica and their dirty tricks..
Hassnain Ramay
Long live turkey...
Love from Pakistan
banana republic
Ne kadar g.t yirtsaniz bile basaramiyicaksiniz erdoganin kopekleri
butun dincilerin aq
Russ Carr
FETO is an organization that Turkey must destroy not stop. A true intelligence officer must be aware that you have true areas of gray as nothing is black and white. Your only allegiance is to the security of the people and state if it is in the best interest of the people and those duly elected officials You do what you must to guarantee this security at all cost even if you burn yourself. Regardless of the origins of FETO or its original funders it has been deemed by those that are true patriots of world peace and continuity of government established by free-market elections. FETO is a terrorist group who's sole purpose is to undermine the Turkish State then link up with other such umbrella organizations and undermine other world governments. Chaos with an agenda to restore a Islamic Caliphate in Turkey I suspect. Thankfully in the spirit of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the security forces of Turkey are winning this battle of espionage and subterfuge.
Jens Coconuts
As soon as the Turkish people wake up and ask themselves how they could let their county being ruined by fascists, this propaganda movies hopefully are going to be deleted by YouTube...
Ustad Fethullah Gulen is above all these allegations.. He is most incorruptible person of the world..He is the prophet of peace.. toleration and love..
I am totally changed by his teachings from enemy of humanity to friend of humanity..
Erdagon make the biggest mistake of his life by blaming him..with out any evidence.
May be some of his followers are involved but this don't mean that coup is instigated by ustad Fethullah Gulen.
Eric Smith
Who cares
Jamal Ivan
I am from Bangladesh and I support Mr. Erdogoen, enemy of Turkey involved for this coup.
Open Paranormal
haha what aload of state sponsored crap and shame on youtube, this was just a stunt by erDOG to gain complete control and jail his enemies (although gullen was once erdogs best friend) and now you see turkey today maybe you realise. enjoy your dictatorship.
Felix von Montfort
Apon Siddique
That why Americans are Satans
Kamal Dunputh
The Mossad, CIA planned to overthrow President Erdogan and set up a puppet government with Gulen as head of state.Gulen is a traitor and should face justice in Turkey for his crimes.
hujjatullah sahib
The Muslim world is totally deceived when it comes to true Islam. Especially, after the successful Iranian revolution of 1979 the highly paniced international enemies of Islam got active in either launching or bracing up anew fake Islamic movements or organizations all over the Muslim world.

Thus, "Islamic" entities like the "Muslim" Brotherhood, Jamaati "Islami", Sisters in "Islam" and the like either were launched or got re-energized simply to decapitate the true Islamic conscience that is reviving within Muslim societies all across the world.

Often these fake Islamic organizations are headed by either power-crazy lay Muslims or quack Muslims who are merely functioning under the payroll or at the behest of Islam-hostile foreign powers or sponsors.

Their main purpose is to cut off the Islamically-reviving Muslim societies from being responsibly and competently led by their truely-qualified and pious Ulemas and Islamic scholars.

Often even normal mosque commitees are headed by these power-focused mercenery Islamist who have nothing to do with Islamic piety whatsoever in reality ! See how the power of true Islam is causing diarrhea across the Islam-hostile world ! !
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Turkey Coup Attempt: How The Night 5 facts showing Gulen's involvement 4 months ago   03:48

Sky News reports on how Turkey's failed coup unfolded.