Evil Little Brother | Twan My Crush REACTS to My Fashion Nova 1 day ago   03:46

Twan Kuyper
Hey guy's welcome back, this weeks video is about Me picking up my girl for a date but her little brother is evil. Evil Little Brother

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Ashfaq Ansari
I like it last seen this video 😂😂😂😂
Mrnick865 Fake
Lol so funny
Johanne Pedersen
Rocio Guerra
Nicole Mendoza
Samantha Alfaro
Oh Gavin! I hope Piper is okay on this GIRL (HIS SISTER IN THE CHARACTER).
Kiana Azimian
Who likes Gavin and twan make this blue if u do
Johnlouis Laut
Wow gavin our a little pesky rat 😄😄😄😂😂😁
Itz_ Monyphka
Now I want a lil bro like this 😂 soo cute!
Gladys Tapia
gavin your such a rat
Vanessa Collazo
CJ and Twan and Gavin👪
Gacha Lover
Gavin is best at acting cause he’s so nice
DO Sparkles
Gavin is so nice
DO Sparkles
Gavin’s good at acting
DO Sparkles
Gavin’s a good kid
DO Sparkles
Gavin is my favorite youtuber
Aithan Reyes
Tell Gavin i. Ole like coco quinn
When you guys gonna forgive
Gavin? . I do already.,
You guys have to remember the name, forgive. You guys know that God forgive you every day? So just forgive Gavin, I say, I forgive gavin, but I still love piper.!!
The BNE Family We lite
I hate Gavin
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My Crush REACTS to My Fashion Nova Evil Little Brother | Twan 1 day ago   14:32

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Hey guys, I really hope you enjoy watching my crush reacts to my FASHION NOVA MEN outfits in the who wore it better challenge. This was such a crazy video with so many fashion nova men outfits! Watch until the very end to see my crush, Coco Quinn's, reaction to my crazy outfits. I have a new music video coming out on SATURDAY, and I can't wait for you to see it. Have you guys listened to Señorita by Shawn Mendes? Have you watched my latest Señorita cover music video with my crush, Coco Quinn? What other songs do you want to see me perform? Let me know in the comment section!

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Señorita Cover music video w/ Coco Quinn:

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