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David Rosca
Top 8 2016 Romantic Movies You Must Watch!

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Leizel Latras
Watched 2 out of 8.
Anika Binte Belal
8.The summer end
6.crazy rich asian
2.fifty shades
1.midnight sun
Munna HR
All Summers end...krystal...everyday...overboard...F the prom...everything everything... Midnight sun..status update
Ar Rafi
midnight sun❤
8. All summers end
6.crzy rich asians
Mighty Bear
"Before we go". Just go watch it if you haven't yet.
Gurdeep Singh
I recommend Twilight series.
Mikhail Lamayo
Love rosie me before you and five feet apart
Laura Flores

අත්දැකීම් අඩු වී එය හානියක් හානියක් කාලය
Buraq Khan
All summers end is not a romantic movie
Moh Arief
the list for teenagers
No one
Who else didn't like "fifty shades of grey" 👎
Dyl Pickle
I hated this selection so bad. All superficial.
Ashti Girl
Fifty shades!!!!
Ashti Girl
Grant Gustin!!!!!
ATG Tutorials
Hazreen Abd Malik
Five feet apart burst my tear!!
Asif Ali
50 shades Freed
Tess Fandoms
What About the notebook!?
Erdin M.A.
The Classic (korean movie) is the best .Highly recommended ;)
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