Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: It Is Always Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: How I Work 4 months ago   48:44

Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO of Amazon, (and richest man in the world) is a guest at the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Forum on Leadership. He talks about the principles he follows to keep Amazon, and individuals, at the top.

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Marcin Kryński
It was nice to work for Amazon after just 3 months i started my first internet shop.
“The new and innovative becomes the new normal” only when it’s based on truthfulness and transparency and hence adds value to the “ecosystem”. Truth goes a long way! “Lies have short legs” (an old Greek saying).
Edmund Singleton
Concerning this all media age in which we now dwell, there’s
a 75% chance of one being recorded walking to, running from, or even engaging
in criminal activity, and yet it has seemingly not curtailed such tasks, simply
because the criminal element in our society has never been known to harbor any great
intelligence, is why they had to bend toward crime in the first place. Now,
many are trafficking in hacked written material, compromising private photos
and the like, as Mr. Bezos has demonstrated, go ahead, do your worse, everyone
will then be able to see your dirty hands and deeds in the light of day, if you
can stand the heat, so will I, rending the now hacked material… worthless,
reduced as if idle gossip in the territory of bad taste…
Life is Important - Kate, Olive
Jeff. Feed the poor instead of going to build space. What a waste
Damn I would've loved to have jumped in at 1.50 a share!! Even with 100 shares you're making bank!!!
Maybe Bezos still thinks it's day one with his ex-wife
Shaniece Hyatt
please come up with amazon eats.. b.c uber eats sucks.. uber sucks as a whole and care nothing about their customers or drivers. js
D. A.
Why does he say he's tapdancing to work, that's literally the title of Warren Buffett's biography.
Ivo Rubio
One thing that Jeff does that has helped me tremendously in my life is to think of myself as an 80 year-old man and think if I would regret doing or not doing the thing I’m unsure about. It gives you greater clarity and perspective. I recommend you give it a try! Blessings 🙌🏽
Verne Fits
Awesome guy.
9:06 to 10:05
Gregg Jaden
Jeff I text you brother ~ let’s have much when in LA. have an idea for Amazon with perfect market timing! Let’s innovate! 👍🏼
manjusha n
He didn't mention his wife as 'winning lottery'
Aleksandra Marjanovic
I have grate project for children,i nead Bezos help.This is grate script for cartoon,but in Serbia production don't existed,and children make cartoon.The story Phoenix lord of destiny is best script in the world,but we don't have production.This grate story can help to children in the world.Can you help my,i am from Serbia,and I wont to make grate big project!
Akhtar Ayaz
Great man!
jerwin balicano
Am I the only one thinking that he looks like dick?
Stephen Cunningham
He's never been worth that on Amazon try more as the CEO or President he still don't wanna talk about .it
Mehdi Mavadat
Krix Naden
Daddy Warbucks is in the building...ladies and gentlemen.
Monica Luvzu
This man is a leader because he has money? Seriously. What a backward society.
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: How I Work Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: It Is Always 4 months ago   02:15

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke to The Wall Street Journal about how he runs meetings and picks hires--and whether he'd rather go to a Clippers game with Steve Ballmer or play bridge with Bill Gates. Photo: David Ryder for The Wall Street Journal
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