Mike Myers Salutes Sean Michael Caine & Sean Connery 1 year ago   06:02

American Film Institute
Mike Myers, dressed in a proper kilt, introduces Sean Connery at the 34th AFI Life Achievement Award: A Salute To Sean Connery.

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That part make me sad...

So young, talented and beautiful, leave us too soon.
the links lizard
Connery was brilliant in the ROCK.
Beautiful. Myers has always been proud of his British roots. I've met the guy who gave him his first stand-up show in the UK. Totally normal guy who just loves comedy . That's Mike and my acquaintance.
Richard Kelbe
Bring a tear to a glass eye that. Yer father would be proud
It’s Charlie Mackenzie
Video Invader
I really wish Mike Myers just did his own sketch show like The Mike Myers Show instead of that Gong Show nonsense.
Joy Amin
beautiful deep tribute
So much class both Myers and Connery
one word for it: nailed it
chris whitten
the best tribute ever!!!!!funny,and still heart touching!
Cust- Ials
Holy shit, sean connery is still alive, my god.
Marlow Kaplan
That's how its done...
Thrifted Vintage
Closed legs finklestein haha
and these days nothing has that much sentimentality or feeling
Nicholas Horvath
who is at 2:55?
Class and grace. The days before Hollywood went entirely degenerate, batshit, Leftard lunatic.
"Is anything worn under your kilt?" ...."No, nothing is worn, everything is in perfect working order!"......exactly what my uncle used to say when wearing his kilt......lmao
Cameron Liversedge
Loved the tribute ... fantastic!
Ryan Beers
Hmm "on any screen" was that the anagram with the word "sir" sean connery I'm wondering 🤔..??
Ryan Beers
🤣 harry ford was laughing his ass off as mike walked out holding that staff with those women behind him I will say that was hilarious 😂..!!
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Michael Caine & Sean Connery Mike Myers Salutes Sean 1 year ago   29:13

Caine & Connery promoting The man who would be king, 1975.