This Billionaire Wants to Build Stephen Hawking's Starshot, explained 2 days ago   17:08

Apr 12 -- DST Global founder Yuri Milner talks to Erik Schatzker about funding Breakthrough Listen, a $100 million mission aimed at finding far away planets capable of sustaining life. Physicist Stephen Hawking and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have joined the project as board members.

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Finally billionaires putting their cash to science. The muslim saudis just make tall buildings... SAD
Adriana Villacis
You sure what you are doing.
Adriana Villacis
But it will cost a lot's of the money.
Adriana Villacis
good luck.
Adriana Villacis
I hope that's your plan works.
Adriana Villacis
good luck at your wish.
Mage Licious
This was one of the greatest things i ever heard on the news. While the rest of the world is fighting primal racial and religious wars, and enjoy their kapitalism, we have some smart people with money who think about the future. I applaud them!!
u do not have to look too far u have moon that can be made habitable with few more advances in science and next is mars can be made habitable in near future like 50 to 100 years and than again harvest some asteroid and put them in orbit around earth make small planet in 100 years or make large space station make self sufficient and u got your planet possibilities are endless funding and desire is required.
MadeByYHVH SavedByIησοῦς
3:23 "There are no scientific challenges anymore"... WOW! Narcissist!
You gonna show 'em how to get a human on the moon first? We've all been "paying a lot" for that fake "allocation of funds" a little too long already.
should be colonizing space. not listening for aliens.
shaik fareed
Or you should invest in a cure for baldness.... and make people on earth happier..
heck when I was a kid in the seventies I thought that by 2016 we would have flying cars - but the baby boomers were only interested in making stronger weed and lsd that would launch the user into schizophrenia

it is good to see that noblesse oblige hasn't completely died out
5mins of that is enough there is i believe a space probe thats been traveling for 30 years billions of miles what a waste of money
T LUCk COmpany
lol we cant even go to the moon.
Petar Bosnić
New frontier? This simple technology is very far from that frontier.
this dude says uuuugh....A LOT
space sex?
Hybrid Synapse
we need more people to try "crazy" things like this. i like it a lot. private money can do amazing things.
Darrell May
Good!, another person who is using their Brain for Mankind!!!, More Wealthy should be involved with these Projects instead of just sitting on their Fortunes!!!
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Stephen Hawking's Starshot, explained This Billionaire Wants to Build 2 days ago   03:39

A bunch of scientists, including Stephen Hawking, want to send a tiny spacecraft to the next closest star using a giant laser. Seriously. Russian billionaire Yuri Milner has already invested $100 million into the project, called Starshot, to see if this type of technology can actually work. Verge science reporter Loren Grush explains.


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