Fortnite Battle Royale - All Chilly SEARCH CHILLY GNOMES ALL 7 LOCATIONS 2 weeks ago   02:24

Fortnite Battle Royale - All Chilly Gnome Locations Guide (Season 7 Challenge)

The are a total of 7 that you need to find for the "Search Chilly Gnomes" challenge in season 7 week 6. There are more than 7 Chilly Gnomes around the map, but you only need 7 of them to complete the challenge. This video shows the easiest ones to get in the most direct route.

When you successfully find and collect a Chilly Gnome, it will come up on the screen saying you have done so. This video includes one of the fastest routes to get all 7 Chilly Gnomes, so you could even do it in one game.

Do note, you need to win/lose the game for the Chilly Gnomes you've collected to count towards the challenge. You cannot just quit.


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Different Timestamps

0:07 - Edge of map near factories
0:22 - Inside cave near Frosty Flights
0:58 - Polar Peak
1:10 - Mountain near Shifty Shafts
1:32 - Near Tilted Towers
1:51 - Viking Village
2:10 - Middle of Snowy Forest
*me ol chum*
Flame & Slime
I feel bad for Youtubers who have to work hard on a video about a game that's been dead a long time ago.
CX3 sKy1ands
With the event 2\7 is not there
Zoe _0fficial
0:28 I’m doing challenges late. It’s blocked by snow.
Missing the one at greasy grove (frozen lake) otherwise thanks
Lemon Men
HarryNinetyFour You missed one of the Gnomes at the frozen lake behind 1 of the houses
wolf gang
Zombies are such bitches
🧥 this isJason, he, has no xbox live
👖 to do this challenge, 1 like=1
🧦 minute of xbox live.
How many minutes can he get?
Carson Lauters
Why doesn’t he have 3 million subs
ibrahim mohsin
Fuck you phch
NightmareWolfie Playz
These gnomes scared the living soul out of me when I heard that laugh XD.
Kim Simmons
Thx so much
Erik Santoyo
Thx for the information
Critic Plays123
I love watching you because you don’t talk so fricking much!
Mr Memes
Thank you so much this makes tirs a hole lot easier
Dashiell Greely
what a waste of a renegade raider
Justin Walton
thank you so much
kara tube
Can’t find the 7th one
Eshan Kanwar
you deserve a sub
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SEARCH CHILLY GNOMES ALL 7 LOCATIONS Fortnite Battle Royale - All Chilly 2 weeks ago   05:46

Fortnite all 7 locations for Search chilly gnomes Quick Guide !
And here's a list for all the season 7 week 6 challenges :
Stage 1: Deal damage with SMGs to opponents
Stage 2: Deal damage with Assault Rifles to opponents
Final Stage: Deal damage with Grenades, Clingers, or Stink Bombs to opponents
Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing or Tilted Towers
search an Ammo Box in different Named Locations
Search Chilly Gnomes
Slide an Ice Puck over 150m in a single throw
Stage 1: Visit Polar Peak and Tilted Towers in a single match
Stage 2: Visit Lucky Landing and Retail Row in a single match
Final Stage: Visit Lazy Links and Shifty Shafts in a single match
Deal damage with different weapons in a single match
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