XPS FPV Copter by HeliDirect APM Copter V3.1 Release - Pixhawk 1 day ago   02:06

M Multirotor
This is a promotional video of the new XPS FPV prototype by Helidirect.

It is using a WK-M FC and a Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal.

Video by www.metromultirotor.com

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APM Copter V3.1 Release - Pixhawk XPS FPV Copter by HeliDirect 1 day ago   09:39

APM Copter has come so far in the last two years, it's more amazing than most realize, V3.1 finally it's here, with Pixhawk of course!
Special thanks to 3DRobotics, the whole APM Copter Dev/Testers Team and to Lorenzo Gualiumi (my dear handyman and filmer).

Specs of my "kamikaze hexa":

- RC-Timer "HP-550 Back" Hexa Frame ("DJI F550" clone)
- 3DR Pixhawk flight control board revision V2.4
- 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 with Compass
- 3DR Power Module
- Toshiba RGB Multicolor LED
- 3DR Radio 433 MHz telemetry "boxed version"
- RC-Timer HVSK-40A ESC 40A (OPTO) with SimonK firmware
- DYBE2212-13 motor, 880 KV
- 10x4.5 carbon propelles
- Turnigy Nanotech 4S 4000 mhA 45C LiPo
- Flight time: 14 minutes

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Link to the "3.1" discussion (forum):


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