Here's What It's Really Driving Across Costa Rica 1 day ago   13:12

Every country has its own laws and more importantly driving styles. While Costa Rica does have traffic laws, they are really more of a suggestion than strict law. Because of this, you get some interesting tendencies and driving customs in Costa Rica. This week I take you for a drive in Costa Rica and let you know what I've learned about the driving culture here after my week long day.

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Being an nyc native... I thoroughly enjoyed driving in costa just felt .. right lol
The four damn good roads. We stayed near Manuel. Most of the roads were dirt roads, drop of cliff, and slim as hell. Going up the mountains in am adventure in I its self
Aamir Raza
So I'm going to be visiting soon. I heard some routes really need a 4x4, is this true? I've booked a sedan, good for all highways you think?
Love your video bro! I'm costarrican (Tico) and yes, you're right, as much as we Ticos accept it or not, driving here is a mess but is not that terrible, you have to be very careful if you want to drive here, especially in rush hour and you must be very careful, because there are many reckless and aggressive drivers with very bad manners here, who do not respect our own laws, we Ticos know that we have to be extremely careful everyday when we drive in our own country, I feel deeply ashamed that you have to see some of the mess that we have here, if is worth it, please accept my apologies for any bad experience you had to go through here.
With all due respect, poverty is not pretty serious like you said, there are many people that belong to middle class, but this is a very expensive country, so people here have to be very careful when it comes to spending money on anything.
People here can't park anywhere they want, if a traffic police catches you parked in a forbidden place, you will be fined, but it's a shame that no all drivers here respect the law, as you can see.
And yes man, cars here are very expensive, but that depends on the brand that you want to buy, sometimes is better to get a used car and in some cases it can still can be more expensive than in the US.
At the end of the day, not everything is terrible here, there are so many beautiful places where you can go and have a pleasant holiday and we try or at least most of us try to be friendly and peaceful with everyone, but be very careful when you drive here.
Thanks Bro, you have a new subscriber here!
Pura Vida!
Toon Fuhtrakoon
I've been there in 2014...… what I hate about Costa Rica......ummm
NONE!!!! I loved Costa Rica.
people so nice, safe and fun!!!
djevan 41598
You can get away with aggressive driving in Costa Rica
Hello, I live in Santa Ana, where you did this video. My advice for all who wants to drive here is INSTALL WAZE. WAZE warn about crowds and car crashes along the road.
Zino Productions
It's not too bad, try driving in Vietnam... It's crazy!
there are pedestrian crossings in the middle of the highway 1 (to Liberia) lol. also when you are out of the city lanes instantly merge like behind a corner or a hill without warning. very scary
Justin Christopher James
Pura Vida is their motto and it basically means pure life. Not sure where you got your interpretation. Interesting none the less.
Esteban Mendez
I am a tico. I think that you are exaggerating a little too much. Yes, there is poverty but as much as you ara saying. Most people in this country are middle class, about 15 per cent are rich and 19 per cent are poor.
Driving is not as bad as you picture it. Your comments are scarring the tourist that want to come visit us and rent a car.
Tatiana Rojas
The video in not too accurate. 1- CR has a larger middel class the other countries in the region, 2- There isn't an accident, however there is a traffic police and it works like the D.O.T in your country, (check paperwork, check vehicle uptodate, issue tickets, road side inspeccion test, accidents reports and even arrest. The rest of the video is accurate....
you are driving a manual, you are good
Sorush Sabet-Rasekh
In Panama speed bumps are called "Policia Muerto" and literally translates to "Dead Policeman"
Adamantium T.
What sort of navigation did you use? Map or were you using GPS?
Luis D. Artavia
We have among the most solid middle classes in Latin American and with better benefits than US... Nice video about driving in CR...
Tainted Mango
This is pretty much what I experienced while driving there as well - what I enjoyed most is that the roads are in much better condition than I anticipated (in better condition than in Montreal, at least lol). You did omit talking about the, sometimes quite dangerous "ceder el paso" situation on small bridges/viaducts generally found on smaller country roads. I did really LOVE driving there!!
Angel S
Whatever.... I bet ya they are way better driver then you are.....
Pete Kennedy
Pura vida
Richard Killy
Good video. Very Accurate as well!!!!
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