Texas A&M University: From the Air Fightin' Texas Aggie Band 4 months ago   02:04

chad terrell

View the iconic Texas A&M University and several of its popular landmarks from a fresh new perspective: a bird's eye view. Please "share" and "like" this video, and leave a comment down below.

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This is why I love usa. The education in this country is at the next level
•Kit & Kat•
Please stop saying its amazing, all I se is animal abuse, poor dogs! They are not made for experiments, and this is happening to them in this place, go watch PETAS video and you’ll see
Molon Lave
Beautiful city and a lovely school!
Shokhzodbek Masharipov
hi how is this university? as international student can i work there?
Best In The World
So beautiful
Best In The World
I wanna be accepted so badly
Miranda Calderon
I’ve been watching this video for quite some time now. Beautiful campus. Can’t wait to be attending Texas A&M this fall 2018! WHOOP! 👍🏻
Maroon Marketing Texas
Allison Reimschussel
May I use your footage for a video? It's incredible. Thank you! (I'll credit you of course.)
Sarah M
Incredible video! May I use it for a school project?
Brady Thomas
Hey!! I am with an organization on campus and was wondering if we could borrow your footage to use for a trailer for admissions! Thanks and gig'em!!
Amazing footage would you be interested in selling your drone
Brian Buschini
amazing video very very well done im impressed
Jannet Tran
I love your video! Is there any way I could get some clips to use for a video that I'm making for my organization? Of course credits in the video will include you.
Joe Terrell
'Like' if Dimaag Khraab by Miss Pooja sent you here!
Sam Kishan
Wonderful video. Looking forward to attending TAMU in 2016!!! Go Aggies
Felipe Capela
Amazing video!!! Can I use for my school project?
Proud to be an Aggie!
Jared H.
Which type of drone are you using? @chad Terrell?
Ijaj Mehboob
A very beautiful campus indeed. I just got accepted to Texas A&M for Fall 2015. I'm an international student and Texas A&M seems like a really nice place! I still don't know which college to go to, but the Aggies campus is making me rethink my priorities again. :3 great video, man!
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Fightin' Texas Aggie Band Texas A&M University: From the Air 4 months ago   11:51

The eighth halftime performance of the 2014 season by the FTAB, marched with 363 members, includes St Julian March, Our Galant Infantry March, and their own rendition and premier performance of Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. The video ends with a Block T made up of the entire Texas A&M Corps of Cadets.

Drill starts - 0:50
U.S.A. letters formed - 6:30
Block T formed - 8:38 - 9:45

Think this halftime drill video was good? For my video of the best Fightin' Texas Aggie Band halftime ever, go to https://up-tube.com/upvideo/zdxfJZbph5p.