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Beautiful Scotland - Aerial / Drone | ► Planet Earth: Amazing Nature - At Up-Tube.com

Beautiful Scotland - Aerial / Drone ► Planet Earth: Amazing nature 8 months ago   03:24

John Duncan

Over the past 8 or so months I've travelled around Scotland usually getting up at offensively early times to get good light. I wanted to make a film which really shows what a beautiful country Scotland is. Living in Edinburgh we're fortunate to have some truly magnificent sights on our doorstep.

Filming this has been incredible, most of the shots have involved some kind of adventure. From camping on top of Sgurr a’Mhaim as the sun sets, driving overnight to the Old man of Storr on Skye catching the sun rise and stomping through fields chasing the Jacobite Steam Train.
Shot on a DJI Phantom 2 with a Gopro 3+ (with FPV) this little Quadcopter is quite incredible. It allows you to get shots that a helicopter couldn’t even get into.

By shooting 2.7k on the Gopro I was able to scale up the footage in a 1920p sequence to get tighter shots, this allowed me to stay within the CAA UAV regulations. The Gopro was shooting mosting on 2.7k Medium or Wide CAMRAW and was graded with speedgrade. Despite it’s size the camera is great as long as there is enough light! Hopefully over the next few months i’ll be upgrading to the DJI s900 which will take a GH4 camera.

I found a great website called Suncalc which projects a chart onto google maps which shows you the angle that the sun will rise from at specific times which was really helpful in planning where to be when. Fortunately the Met Office and MWIS forecasts were pretty spot on so there weren’t too many wasted trips. Walkhighlands.com has been a great resource for researching routes

In the film there are shots from Skye – Quairang, Old man of Storr, Buachaille Etive Mor, Sgurr a’Mhaim – Devil’s Ridge, Ben Nevis, Forth Rail Bridge, Dunbar, Rannoch Moor, Wallace Monument, Edinburgh, Glenfinnan Viaduct, The Kelpies.

Music: Tony Anderson - Rise (https://www.themusicbed.com/songs/rise/3999)

Twitter: @johnduncanfilm
Facebook: John Duncan Filmaker


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ST productions
You know your video is a success when you make people wanna visit thise placses!
lt is a very wonderful work
Tomasz Kujawiński
the most beautiful country in Europe, architecture and nature, I was there
Mark Johnson
Great video. I've been to many countries and places around the world and Scotland is the most breathtaking. Will be back there soon on the Isle of mull.
Modular TV
. . . . And with every watch this becomes more sublime! :)
Modular TV
John, this randomly became 'next movie' and . . . . I just experienced maybe the best translation of how stunning Scotland actually is. Well done. Scotland is everything to me and for the first time someone actually pulled off the grand majesty of our country. :)
it needs labelling so people know the places and so pple of Scotland can reap some tourist income as parts are v poor
Catherine Halliday
as a Jock thank you
Hj Sharma
New Zealand
These countries are heaven on earth!
Robin Hay the Piper
Great video, remember abseiling off the forth road bridge for charity. Awesome experience! Good work :)
Love how the train driver gives ye a wee wave lol
Ben Simpson
Going to Scotland tomorrow with my drones will share once I'm back
wayne gamble
I need to go
Brilliant footage and audio editing! Amazing work!
Cilcito 58
What makes Scotland especially special is its tangible, you can touch it, feel it, walk the hills, fish the lochs etc. You become part of it. Everywhere in Scotland is accessible if you make the effort. And it isn't just beauty, there's 5000 year old standing stones and villages like Skara Brae. And we have the world's last prehistoric underwater dinasaur, an ancestor of Eliot Ness.
Mountain Lust
Someday i will walk in the mountains of this beautiful country ❤

Thanks for sharing these views!
Cpt. JoJo
Impressive video
OneHumanity OnePlanet
Magical country Scotland :) Love from Germany.
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