Big Dent! Nova fender damage How to remove a Front Fender on a 1969 1 day ago   13:25

Shut Yer Face Garage
Fixing a big dent on Rusty, Angel's 1971 Chevrolet Nova.

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dont u JUST love when the sanding dish spins off all the way to the other side of the garage
Blue Tarp
Well oh well why didn't you make the door wider so you don't have this f****** problem
Mark Sponge
Aww dang! It almost looked like "paintless dent repair" would work, but it sure cracked up when you pulled it out.
MisterB’s- Fix it
That's a bugger.
anthony seales
great work. love this channel
Greg's Garage
one word - Curb feelers...
Ramsey Customs - turbocobra
Sir... come on... you can weld up that little hole without Jim cant you? that doesn't look like a fun repair
Fun to watch you work 😁 not fun for you...
Jerry's This and That
Why wasn't ET helping? lol
Nice repair on the fender. :-)
Good times !
Edy Ashour
Love the car, and the color!
SW Customs
Make work project and not even getting payed
J. Mora
Damn it...
Blame it on jim lol.One good thing You know how to do body work.Just think if you had to take to bodyshop.Poor Nova
I miss my buddy in the garage , he turned queer.
That sucks . Im sure you will never know when your done
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How to remove a Front Fender on a 1969 Big Dent! Nova fender damage 1 day ago   10:49

Here's a couple of tips on removing the front fender on a 69 El Camino. This is how I took mine off and a couple of the thing I ran into. Hope the info helps! Take care!