JOE PESCI - `GOODFELLAS` ‘Goodfellas’ Cast Reunites 25 Years 1 month ago   10:39


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Jack Green
"Is that good..."? What a moron Letterman is ... better yet ... what a Goof.
Khalidul Haq
Letterman, my favourite talk host!
Tom W
David Letterman: "Do you think I'm funny? What about me is funny?"

Everyone: "Nothing."
Adam Bosworth
Letterman is such an annoying prick. 😂
Me bob (deniro) marlon brando and his girlfriend and michael jackson.... and a bunch of kids lmao i died
As always, Dave, shut the fuck up and listen to the answers to the questions you are asking. Douche.
Joe Pesci and Jack Nicholson playing golf: Jack: "Jesus Christ... Joe hit the GOD- DAMNED- BALL will ya !"
Wish we had this programme in the UK - our chat shows are so childish now. This is class.
Smarty The Pants
He's terrifying.
Stephanie Holey
Timmy the Poker Warrior
No more shines.
Bo Bratu
fuck letterman and his fake fucking laugh.
Pamela Alley
Go fuck yourself for the michaelcomment
Akoni Ah Yat
Joe Pesci is the fucking man
Boom mic guy was never seen again anywhere after this show.
Proper actors, who can take everything on the chin. Not like some of the pansy's today
Tommy Johnson
Ben H
Its weird that Pesci kinda looks like Ralph Stanley, and sounds just like him.
ItsTara 215
This was so damn funny
academic person
See one of the greats can take a joke but if you get out of line........................BLAM!!! No he has a good sense of humor...yeah really
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‘Goodfellas’ Cast Reunites 25 Years JOE PESCI - `GOODFELLAS` 1 month ago   05:56

Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Paul Sorvino and Lorraine Bracco sit down with NBC national correspondent Craig Melvin to talk about the iconic Martin Scorsese film, and why it resonated with so many fans.
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‘Goodfellas’ Cast Reunites 25 Years Later | TODAY