Ousmane Dembele - Evolution From Top 10 Fastest Young Players 2017/2018 2 months ago   12:42

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Kendy Richard
He kinda remind me of Di Maria .. they beautifull to watch
Lameck Mukala
man doesn't like passing
zarr Sar
suggest to watch it in mute.
Gabon Puffs
Let the kid express himself ....
He will be injury free
He will be red carded free
He will learns the hard way
But in time he will fulfil his destiny, in time he will be the sun for fc barcelona !
Jeremy drooms
he glides on the pitch , him and mbappe are the speed bros. shits crazy
Banes Bah
He likes to run. He does not get that in Barcelona. He has to be able to dribble close range and create like Messi.
Muhammed Jawneh
He is the best
OD4 Sports
i remember when i just use to watch BVB just so i can see Dembele play😢
Balec Balec
we need to try an attack Dembouz Messi Fati
Josh Pontyva
How he covers that much ground that fast all while dribbling is incredible..
motion PF
le probleme ce n'est drible mais la conclusion ,mais je l'aime bien
Bradley Cobbina
thats why hes my fav player
Roshawn Grimes
sleepy Hollow face ass
Aniki niconico
10000 times better than this trash mbapé
Hugo Skosana
They say he can ven fake his own death
Abdalla Yusuf
0:03 has no arms
Muuse Abdulkareem
He is not ready for FCB
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Top 10 Fastest Young Players 2017/2018 Ousmane Dembele - Evolution From 2 months ago   13:56

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