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5 Ways To Fix Slow Boot Times | How To Enter And Use Automatic Repair Mode - At Up-Tube.com

5 Ways to Fix Slow Boot Times How to enter and use Automatic Repair Mode 5 months ago   06:40

This video will show you 5 ways to fix slow boot times in Windows 10. A major complaint I hear from users of Windows 10 is that it takes a long time for their computer to startup. I will show you 5 proven and tested ways to fix the slow boot times in Windows 10, along with a bonus tip near the end of this video that will give your PC dramatic improvements to performance and faster boot times.

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“Windows 10 Tips & Tricks” Playlist

0:26 Disable Fast Startup
1:56 Disable Startup Programs
2:52 Change Virtual Memory Settings
4:24 Update Graphics Drivers
5:09 Turn Off Linux Terminal
5:43 Bonus Tip



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If none of these tips work for you, it just may be time to buy a new computer, upgrade your RAM or upgrade your HDD to an SSD.... Thanks for watching :)
jaber albasri
Just downloaded windows 10 yesterday . Will sell my PC and get a Mac book . Its 2020 , I shouldnt be dealing with such issues . I’m done with windows , DONE
at 4:14 my Recommended is 2360 MB and my Currently allocated is 1792 MB
is that good or bad
So I upgraded my PC from 16GBs of RAM to 32GBs, My PC would boot within 5 seconds on 16GBs, but now the two new sticks are in it takes nearly a minute or two, any ideas? thanks
Apurba Mallick
In my case recommend is 1911mb what should I give for initial?
Cynthia Diane
Cynthia Diane
When I access task manager whether on the task bar or right clicking the window icon - there is nothing in that window but minimize or x to close. The only thing listed is firefox which is the browser I am using. Cant find disable start up procedure anywhere.
pino de vogel
Note that some games refuse to work propperly when pagefile is set to below what the game needs. So some games require up to 12gb or will just crash/freeze.
Johnny Wilson
What is a avarage boot time on Windows 10?
I have about 40 sec.
You legend, it worked
Everything Videos
The secret is get a ssd go to startup apps disable apps that have a high impact that's all you really need to do.
Peanut Butter
I use to play on windows 7 in like 2013 and then switched to console but now I came back to pc and got windows 10 but I still think windows 7 was a bit smoother
Peanut Butter
My recommended was 1657 and my currently allocated was 15662
Akis Delidimitriou
I just finish my built. Pretty good specs. My pc needs 15 min to open from the beginning. I don’t know what is going on. Is not my first build though.
Mike Saint-Jules
Thanks for the suggestions. It seems there was enough of a change to show some decrease in boot times. I'd like to add a few things:

- If you have any external harddrives that aren't SSD, it might be a good idea to have them unplugged at startup as they increase boot times. I have an 8TB WD Book that takes up a good chunk of the boot times. I have others in various sizes, but I usually keep one hooked up all the time and use the others when necessary.

- SSD is definitely a great recommendation. It would be important to note that your Motherboard needs SATA III to have the maximum performance available for the SSD. I have one hooked up but only to a SATA II. Currently in the process of getting a SATA card to install on the PCI slot.

- Having a dedicated graphics card may help, especially if you're doing graphics related work and/or playing games on your PC. Having a dual monitor would also warrant a decent graphics card so you can take a load off from the Motherboard (if your card is integrated into it).
Alex Ruther
Completely fixed my issue, THANK YOU
Asteroid Crystal
lol my boot time was 6:21 now it’s like 13s
Minh Nguyen
hi guys, my pc starts up fine, however it's not ready once im in desktop, it's still loading something in the background, after a solid3-4 minutes, then it's ready to use, if you know what i mean.
I have ssd and my pc starts like 10sec but now it takes like 30sec or 50sec
So Sova
I recommended not to turnoff fast startup.
It took 10.46s to boot vs 25.23s when turn it off. But i notice that window shutdown faster when turn it off.
It took 6-7s vs 3-4s when turn it off
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How to enter and use Automatic Repair Mode 5 Ways to Fix Slow Boot Times 5 months ago   09:16

Windows 10 can fix itself many times, with a little help from you.
How to reset (refresh) a Windows 10 install: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/291TX91O9Gj
How to reinstall Windows 10 without losing your files: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/ku2Hww6wDat
The easy way! series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXoMfmZDOTAytDOB8Jb8ZXU-kaKpYdvxq

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